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  1. Mostert is killing me, and I found out this week about Mixon's college incident and saw the video, so I can't bring myself to use him anymore. Crap season all around.
  2. I'm rolling with both Carson and Penny this week. I think the Seahawks will be running a lot against the Rams and maybe dumping off to the backs more than usual. Between them I'm hoping to average 14-15 points. My other two guys are RB2-RB3 types anyway, so why not?
  3. Up 8 going in, have Wilson and Carson going (I have Penny too, but I figure Carson has the higher floor), and opponent has Cook going. As a Seahawks diehard fan, if I lose my FF matchup it's probably the sign of a very, very bad night.
  4. My running backs are Carson, Mixon, Hyde and Penny (just picked him up after Sunday's fumblequake). My opponent is starting Cook, Elliott (he got about 13 points in my league yesterday) and Jonathan Williams in her flex spot. Everywhere I look all of my guys but Penny are on "bust" lists, and Penny might end up with five carries for 20 yards or something like that. Outlook: poop emoji.
  5. Came into the game down about 4 points, opponent had Rams defense, I had Kupp. Won by 1.15 because the Ravens knocked LA's defense into the -4 baseline zone (-1 with the three sacks) with that 45 point explosion, even though Kupp didn't do much. Heart was in my throat when RG3 came in and started passing the ball, though - one INT would have done me in.
  6. Still kinda numb over that one... how? How?? For the love of Jackie Smith, HOW??
  7. That Wilson airball over Hollister's head really did me in. I had both of them, and instead of being up about 10 now I'm losing going into tomorrow night with my opponent having the Rams defense and me having Cooper Kupp. Tough, tough season.
  8. Wow, this really blows as a Seahawks fan and as a Wilson/Hollister/Carson owner...
  9. "stunned frustration" describes my current state of mind...
  10. Q: Why did Wilson inexplicably and uncharacteristically overthrow a wide-open Jacob Hollister in the end zone? A: Because I have both of them on my fantasy team, and a double-TD play is simply NOT ALLOWED for me this season. My effing jinxes literally control the universe.
  11. Q: Why did Hunter Henry fall down with an open field in front of him? A: Because he's on my fantasy team!