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  1. Qb: Josh Allen, jacoby Brisset rb: cook, Kamara, saquan, guice wr:Kupp, Boyd, metcalf TE: hooper, cook Was a 10 team league so all the teams are pretty good I weak at wr but overall was a good team scored the most points in the league by far.
  2. I drafted saquan and traded for cook gave up juju, kelce, eckler third week of the season. to get Kamara I gave up Godwin when he was on fire, Diggs and sanders. I felt so good about this team yet it’s the first time I haven’t made the playoffs with a 7-6 record really sucks.
  3. About to win up 1 then cook fumbles and gets injured season over. How does a team averaging 140 points a week with cook saquan and Kamara not make the playoffs!
  4. Who should I start? tyler Boyd’s vs jets dk metcalf bs Vikings thanks
  5. Terry mccluriun is also available should I pick him up instead?
  6. your team looks solid to me, only change is I would start brisset over Goff who’s been underperforming this year.
  7. Yeah I would drop Sanu for slayton he has upside And seems to be more consistent than Sanu Who really hasn’t done anything besides his one game against Baltimore. Though if Shepard returns this week I might start Sanu instead.
  8. Baker for me, he’s been playing better lately and it’s against Miami so he should have a good game.
  9. All are available as of now who should I play as my flex? Must win week and projected to win so looking for safest option really. ppr league Parker vs Cleveland bo vs Washington Jonathan Williams vs Cleveland leave link and I will return favor.
  10. Crowded, seems to be the go to wr in that offense and will get targets.
  11. Hardman best chance of a td in that offense.