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  1. Was offered Mack for my White and Waller. Full point PPR league. Currently 1-2 and have #1 waiver. QB: Rodgers RB: Zeke, white, drake, murray (was going to drop for gallman on waivers), mostert WR: Juju, Cooks, Edelman, Kirk, Hardman, Deebo TE: Ertz, Waller DEF: Bears Is it the trade worth it and to use a #1 waiver on Gallman? Thanks
  2. Id say that its a pretty fair trade, mattison is very valuable in your situation. If i was in your situation i would pull the trigger
  3. Team: QB: Rodgers RB: Zeke, white, drake, Murray(willing to drop), mostert (willing to drop - stupidly dropped penny last week to grab him last minute when white was ruled out and now carson owner will probably grab him) WR: Juju, cooks, edelman, kirk, deebo, mecole TE: Ertz, waller DEF: Bears Should i use my waiver on Gallman? Not real comfortable with my running backs besides zeke. Also think im going to drop deebo for curtis samuel if hes still there either after waivers or if use my #1 to grab gallman
  4. 10 Team Full PPR QB: Rodgers RB: Zeke, White WR: Juju, Cooks TE: Ertz FLEX: Edelman, Kirk DEF: Bears Bench: Drake, L. Murray, Penny, Deebo, Hardman, Waller I want to pick up Josh Allen as a back up QB and possibly to start instead of Rodgers but im not sure who i should drop on my bench. Any opinions are welcomed Leave a link to any of your questions. Thanks
  5. Team is currently 3-1 and 2nd highest scoring team, team that is 1-3 wants to trade for my hyde or white. Teams look like the follwoing Mine: QB: Goff & Cousins RB: Kamara, hyde, white, R freeman WR: Adams, Hill, JuJu, Fuller, Godwin, Dez TE: Cook, Engram His: QB: Rivers, Stafford RB: Ajayi, Hines, Cook, L. Murray, J. Howard WR: AB, Tate, Shepard, Still, A. Rob, Enunwa TE: Rudolph Is there anyone i should go after on his team for either of these two or should i just keep rolling with what i have? I was thinking Dalvin Cook but it leaves me thin at RB until he is healthy (if ever). Thanks
  6. Should i trade Tyreek Hill and Hyde for CMC? Current team is 3-1 (PPR) - QB - Goff, Cousins RB - Kamara, hyde, White, R. Freeman WR - Adams, Hill, JuJu, Fuller, Godwin, D. Bryant TE - Cook, Engram Def - Phi Person with CMC is 1-3 and needs another good WR and a good replacement for CMC.
  7. bump. Is it worth depleting depth for either of these moves?
  8. Trade hill and hyde/white for gordon? or go for CMC with a WR and running back combo? person with CMC needs help at WR and RB. QB - Cousins, Goff rbs - kamara , hyde, white, R.freeman WR - Adams, Hill, JuJu, Fuller, Godwin, Dez TE - Engram, Cook DEF - PHI
  9. ill believe it when i see it. its a little risky to throw that good of a player out the window possibly. I agree and dont think they will accept golladay with these rumors out
  10. drop clement before dropping burton.
  11. agree with previous post, if fuller is healthy his production will plummet. not worth dropping someone for him with who you have on the bench
  12. i feel like dropping someone for him (freeman) is pretty much an even trade so dont really think you will gain much by doing this