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  1. I'm a big Cook fan, so I'll be contrarian here and go Cook. But it's a toss up between Rudolph and Cook, so if you're leaning slightly Rudolph then go with him.
  2. Buffalo all day, I get hesitant with KC defense, they can be hit or miss.
  3. Hey all, Squeaked into the playoffs, have Wentz and Goff is available (Jimmy G as well). Any thoughts on who I should start? Goff has a tough matchup but Wentz can be a dumpster fire at times. WHIR, thanks!
  4. I like Metcalf...but not for a first rounder.
  5. I would be good with Kamara and Thielen, that's pretty solid.
  6. Hi, Was offered a trade of Gurley and Hunter Henry for Josh Jacobs. In a bubble, what do you guys/gals think of this trade? I like Henry, and I feel that Gurley has a decent floor, although his ceiling is limited. WHIR!
  7. For my flex.. 1/2 PPR league, I'm leaning towards Diggs since he has a better matchup it seems. Thanks, WHIR!
  8. Your WR depth is really good, I wouldn't be looking to trade for another WR.
  9. I'm on the Carson train as well right now.
  10. I'm okay with options 1 through 3, definitely not 4. I'm a Zeke fan though and just offered a trade to the Zeke owner in my league.
  11. Thanks, CT is who I was leaning towards.
  12. Both sides have their risks and upsides but I would probably pull the trigger on this just because Bell gets so much usage. Everyone has injury risk, so the whole argument that Bell is used so much he is more of an injury risk I just don't completely buy. I want the players with the highest usage amounts.