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  1. Full PPR 12 man league. I still have Ingram, Clement, Chubb, Duke J. He realllllllly needed RB help and was 1-5. PLEASE COME BACK BELL. You and AB on my team will be so so sweet.
  2. You better hurry up and hit accept before they change their mind. You need RB help bad.
  3. Dude with 2500 posts you shouldn't even have to ask this question!
  4. heck yeah. Yeldon is about to be in the backfield with Fournette and Hyde and has a bye week coming and was just hurt. Chubb has no threats.
  5. Chubbs: Pros: Will get first dips at goal line carries in a high scoring game against the Bucs. Has no competition other than Duke who will mainly catch passes. Cons: If the Browns fall behind early might not be involved in between the 20's much if they choose to pass pass pass. Ingram: Pros: Much better player IMO. Might get first crack at goal line carries over Kamara. Cons: The Ravens are a very good defense and might make it hard for him to do well. Now that Kamara has gotten some rest, no telling how much Ingram will share with Kamara.
  6. I had hopes that Saquan was going to open up the offense for OBJ after I found out that I auto-drafted OBJ in my league but it doesn't appear to have happened. I haven't really spent any time watching the Giants other than their one game against my team the Cowboys so I don't know what their problem is. I assume their OL play still isn't great which affects everyone else of course. For sure in the game against us Eli was running for his life most of the time.
  7. They say Evans was Jameis favorite target before whereas Fitz was spreading the ball more so it might average out if not slightly decline until Jameis knocks the rust off.
  8. I'm a longhorns fan so watched foreman through all of college. He can catch. What I don't know is if he'll have a lot of designed passes based on the offense he's in at Houston.
  9. I did it, no use in fretting over OBJ having a slightly better playoff schedule if I don't even make the playoffs haha.
  10. Very good point about getting the bye week out of the way. Although I've had a lot of my other WR's outperforming OBJ. (My WR's being John Brown, Quincy Enunwa, Geronimo Allison, Demariyus Thomas, Mohamed Sanu). I think i'm about to do it why not.
  11. Or less if they fall behind and he doesn't get many carries. It's not like he's busted a ton of his dump off passes for long runs and TD's.