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  1. I am interested in joining. paronbbcoach@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. I am interested in a startup, but prefer $25-35 fees. Even free is fine, MFL, college themed, 32 team, prefer 2 player copies, IDP, salary cap, etc. If you start one, I will sign up Let me know paronbbcoach@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. Can I get your email and ask a few questions before joining? I have your invitation. Thanks paronbbcoach@yahoo.com
  4. Starting year 2. This team has first pick in all 5 rounds of rookie draft which will start on August 1 through slow email. 24 hours to pick. Free league. Players of interest QB: Rivers RB: Kamara, David Johnson TE: Hunter Henry, Goedert S: Landon Collins, Jamaal Adams DE: Ingram, Davenport LB: Roquan Smith, CJ Mosely Please email me for an invite or additional information. paronbbcoach@yahoo.com Thanks!
  5. Sounds interesting. Additional information at paronbbcoach@yahoo.com