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  1. Who yall got. Mixon getting alot of touches but worried about game script. D. William's more likely to score in that offense. Any help appreciated
  2. I think it's close I want to see michel is bound to break out of funck leading in a game against buffalo. But Beckham out and engrams should see plenty of targets. Slight favor to engrams
  3. Choose 1. At first I was set on gordon but with ware being out most likely i feel D William's is the better bet. I feel they have the same floor. William's better matchup and high scoring game so better chance for multiple td. Gordon at home maybe not 100 percent against tough defense. WHIR
  4. Need 2 Rb and flex. Right now I have mixon, chubb, and gordon. Am i over thinking to consider D. William's or J. William's? I think chubb is given. Now that ware is doubtful I hate to sit D William's again. Mixon has been beast but worry about low scoring. Feel like Kansas city will score alot pretty much guaranteed D William's scores. Melvin gordon going against tough defense first game back What yall think. Thanks
  5. Going back and forth. Both have had some drop off lately. Like that brees is at home so maybe he will turn it around. Right now I just put big ben in my line up but dont know who to choose. Help please
  6. I'm in same boat. Starting chubb and gonna go jackson over damien William's if gordon is out
  7. So if melvin sits who do I start? .5ppr Thanks Justin Jackson at chiefs Damien William's vs chargers I also have Aaron jones at Chicago but that defense has held RB1 in check
  8. This is why I kept bell on my roster. Gonna start him and see what happens
  9. Sources say conner exited the locker room limping and grabbing his butt. I dont want to speculate but last time I walked out of a room full of men doing that I was never the same
  10. Lewis for sure if ppr. I like breida but has tough playoff schedule with Chicago and Seattle. Lewis has new york and wash.
  11. Seems like green bay should have a lead and run alot with jones. Lewis has played really well last 2 games with about 20 touches for revenge game against NE. Who yall like WNHIR