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  1. Thats close. id say diggs but very close
  2. moss. Atleast he gettiing damn touches. and slyye. If i recall, blanks schedule is horrible if taht matters
  3. brown will be the most consistent. weve seen locket but he has to share with metcalf
  4. Full PPR I have Edmonds and drake for K.murray, Waller, Mckinnon and crwoder I have jrob,Jacobs khunt, benard, harris and my QB is Stafford Who wins this trade?
  5. Yea higgins. Browns secondary giving up lots of points.
  6. I would say Jacobs. TB defense is good. I hate to sit Studs but their Oline missing couple of players with TB run defense= not good night.
  7. No you are set, but I would try to trade to upgrade for a teir 1 RB or WR. You have good players and depth, but not really ALL stars/top teir.
  8. Mike williams. Nice trade. You won that trade for sure
  9. youre giving up too much . see if you can pull a Jrob and AB for Mixon straight up. or add one of your bottom of your barrell RB. jwill. You have great RB depth
  10. exactly how u ordered it. jrob we know will get the touches, jwill we dont know how many touches hell get with dillon there. I like Gio too. id put him second