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  1. id hold onto him. unless you want to sell ceh penny on the dollar. Who knows. bell couldbe washed
  2. drake is meh. id say hunt and big ben. even when chubb is back, hunt will stil have a big role.
  3. I like edmonds but you have to go with Drake. even tho drake is sucking, he is getting the volume.
  4. Im down 17.7 ppt pts. I have Josh allen, Kelce, and chiefs defense. My opponent has kyle murray. My question is, SHould i play the chiefs defense or not to avoid negative points?
  5. woods mclarin juju. Lamb i would want to see what happens with andy
  6. Jackson > Dobbins > Perine > Moss
  7. Yes.. looking at your roster i would take jrob.
  8. Hold onto metcalf. He is the go to guy i believe in that offense. He is unstoppable imo.