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  1. I think the mid to late 1st is where he ends up being drafted, and I think he will be well worth it. This guy was pretty special when he finally started getting the majority of the touches. I think he has a better chance of having a "massive" year than Cook and Kamara do.
  2. I need 7.5 points from Sanders in .5 PPR I feel like it should be a near lock but I am a bit worried for some reason. Someone talk me off the ledge.
  3. Anyone else cool with suddenly having their handcuff to Carson be a viable flex option? I'm happily starting both in a 2 flex league.
  4. IMO you are overthinking a bit. I don't know how you sit a guy who has had 26 targets in his last 7 quarters of football, who is the clear cut #1 option of maybe the best QB in the league.
  5. I think Carson is pretty close to matchup proof because Russell Wilson is just playing at an insane level and rising everyone with him. People said this past week was a tough matchup and he had another 130 scrimmage yards. I'd take my chances on a guy tied to a great offense vs. a guy tied to Cleveland and the Hunt wildcard (I don't think it'll be a huge negative, but it could cut down on passing game work) Also have to consider Carson has a bye coming up, depending on what your record is. I'd prefer Carson ROS but if your fighting for playoff life it might be tough to eat that bye.
  6. If that is the case than AJ owners would be dumb to trade him, just roll the dice he returns to WR1 level. I have Ronald Jones in a league and I'm 99% sure the guy holding AJ for 9 weeks isn't giving him up for Jones, and I don't blame him.
  7. It's late, and I am smoking before bed. Is this sarcasm? The great defenses in the Big12 tells me it is, but I've heard worse on this board.
  8. Reading through this thread makes me think of psychology classes I took in college. Nagy is a moron, no one is debating that, Trubisky is a bust and will end up being the NFL's version of Sam Bowie but the reality is Montgomery himself has been terrible too. I've watched just about every Bears game this season and there is just nothing there to be excited about with him, there are other backs who have been in terrible situations but maybe other than Miami this year there aren't situations where guys can't make plays, you can occasionally see glimpses from great players in terrible situations, there have been no glimpses this season from Montgomery. The coaching sucks, the QB sucks, the offensive line sucks and yes the player sucks too. I think unless ARob really falls to you in drafts or is undervaled in auctions you should avoid any Bears players in fantasy next season. This offense needs a complete and total overhaul from top to bottom.
  9. The touches are now there but the fantasy points aren't. I think this past Sunday is going to be the type of games the Bears are going to play alot of this year. The chances for TD's are going to be few and far between for him.
  10. People are funny, as we see with the Montgomery thread and others it's so quick to say "It's not his fault, but..." Fantasy is about points, not about how you look or why you are doing good or doing poorly. This is a complete disaster for those of us who took this guy, whether it's his fault, the QB's fault, the OC's fault it's just ugly and I don't see much upside this year. Going to be unloading for likely another disappointing player this week.
  11. This is spot on. I was someone heavily invested in Sanders and ya the truth hurts. At this point he has some stand-alone flex appeal with some real nice upside should Howard get hurt. So that means he is Rashad Penny, so that is how I'd view him going forward.
  12. Adams has lit up way better corners than Harris. The guy faced Fuller(x2), Rhodes(x2), Slay(x2), Howard, White, Peterson, Gilmore, Peters and Norman and was the #1 WR last year.
  13. I'm a little concerned that Rodgers is in the process of transitioning from an all-world QB to just an excellent or very good qb, plus they have a good defense and a good rb for the first time in ages. The shootouts may just not come very often this year. Adams is still great (no wr gets more consistently open), but I'm not sure the offense is going to let him return to the Top 8 type value his owners expected.
  14. Holy crap, the insane power just never stops, what a season.
  15. If it weren't for the AJ Green factor I would take Ross in a nanosecond, he looked like a pro bowler on Sunday. I think, for me, he was the most surprising player in the NFL this past week. But McLaurin probably has the easier path to consistent weekly targets ROS.