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  1. Yeah I definitely would , for either or . But I would go Garland first , better %'s and kids been playing some really good ball lately . Forget Fournier , yeah sure short term he'll do good , but in the long run I rather have Culver or Garland. I have both those guys on my squad as well , 10 teamer for perspective
  2. Yes, he was providing value, but not like that torrid stretch he went on in December. Bryant was out that whole month, and Mo Wagner only played 4 games before he himself got injured. All I’m saying is don’t expect that kinda volume in 3’s from Bertans, it’s just not gonna happen now. That was the prudent move , trust.
  3. Kevin for sure , scoop that ginger up .
  4. Honestly it can go either way, but nothing drastic . I mean what does your team lack right now. Bertans main value is from his 3’s and Pts . Huerter is a much more well rounded player , while also giving you solid 3’s / Pts . Keep in mind Washington is slowly getting healthier. Bryant is back . Hachimura is on the cusp of returning as well. So I wouldn't expect the same production that he was putting up earlier.
  5. Unleash this kid already FFS !! absolute stud IRL and fantasy . I trip out why bums like Grayson Allen and the ghost of Solomon Hill get minutes over him. Yes I know they're winning games and pushing for playoffs .
  6. Same here love Melton's game . I'll put it this way , short term for sure it's Lee . But long term is where things get murky . Can Melton just get unleashed already ffs . He's such a good player IRL and fantasy . Also love his playoff schedule
  7. Based on your team build I'd go Melton . Your'e pretty set on bigs , and you have JJJ already . I had the same dilemma earlier in the season but I had J.V and Brandon on my squad . I felt like having both capped each others upside , especially since Clarke wasn't getting alot of minutes, I mean he still isn't . Honestly both those guys are hovering around the low 20's most nights . So who will be unleashed first , or if at all is anyones guess. Grizzlies are winning games , and pushing for playoffs , so why change a good thing. It's either going to take injuries or these players not performing well and having their minutes shortened : Crowder , Brooks , G Allen , Solomon Hill , and Tyus Jones . No idea why Grayson Allen and Solomon Hill are still getting minutes , the other guys I understand , they're either playing well or are veterans .
  8. I mean Lillard and Lonzo should have been enough imo for that trade. Those 2 combined should give you roughly what Harden is doing . Also depends who the Harden side is dropping to make it happen . The good thing about trades like that or even 2 for 1 , is you gain an extra roster spot or 2. Which you can either stream or grab high upside players. So in essence the Harden side not only gets the best player , but you get to pickup an extra player to complete your team build however you see fit. That's where the value comes in
  9. 'Cause you're hot then you're coldYou're yes then you're noYou're in then you're outYou're up then you're down’
  10. Daddy’s home , trip dub alert boys !
  11. I so regret dropping him , but with the Teague news I just had to pickup Culver . Playing that long game . (better playoff schedule too) . Michael Porter Jr is going to ball out man , atleast in the short term (with Denver banged up) & hopefully that sticks ROS. Enjoy the ride fellas , it's gonna be sweet .