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  1. Justin Jefferson playing well in his rookie campaign will do wonders for Thielen. Expect max coverage coming his way for awhile, if not the whole season , if JJ doesn’t perform well. There won’t be a lack of targets .. that much I do know. But it’s the quality of those passes that concern me. No doubt Dalvin and the run game will open up the play action passes. Adam should feast on those plays. But regular QB dropback sets , we shall see. Who knows maybe eventually Justin Jefferson is the new Thielen . Both are technically made for the slot, neither one of them is a true outside reciever.
  2. Mike and Johnu Smith, I’m grabbing both these dudes wherever possible. Nice last round picks with great upside. You’re guaranteed a top10 TE
  3. RB-RB all the way , unless I’m taking Thomas or Hill . I play in a 0.5 ppr , we start 3WR , 2RB , and everyone always tries to Flex a 3rd RB . My league mates and I just value backs more , been that way since Moses wore short pants. Especially when it comes to trade value, im generalizing but in a nutshell , for example a RB1 you can easily trade to get a WR1. But you’ll have a tough time swapping a WR1 for a RB1 or even a high end RB2 for that matter.
  4. Uber talented , and blazing fast speed. Folks got the wrong misconception that he’s just a burner, a one trick pony. Kid can do it on all . His main issue is staying on the field, he dealt with an ankle issue .. I believe last year. Still put up a respectable 584/7 on his rookie campaign. It really boils down to him staying healthy. His body frame and lack of muscle, worries me a tad bit. In of itself not an issue, but if he turns out to be an injury prone / fragile player ... that spells gloom for his career. Purely conjecture on my part , just have a feeling Brown is one of those cats that gets hurt frequently.
  5. This thread right here , good sir
  6. I have high hopes for Sanders this season, definitely on my short list of RB’s to draft. He can go absolutely ballistic if the Eagles don’t sign another back. Theres just a crazy amount of touches to be absorbed. Or at least if they do bring in someone , they use him sparingly just to spell Miles. And not as an early down bruiser. Not sure what other FA running backs are out there, but Hyde for sure I wouldn’t want. He would take away a big chunk of rushing attempts, if last year is of any indication.
  7. I wonder if Yahoo will follow suit now for TE eligibility.
  8. Ultra safe floor, high yardage stud, with a limited ceiling. Basically sums up Julio. If your risk averse, and looking for security, he’s your guy.
  9. Only his throwing is better, for now. Jameis can sling it, but turnover machine, low football IQ, bad pocket awareness , I mean the list goes on. Accuracy is something Allen can work on , he can be a great QB.
  10. And his current ADP is insane , firmly staying away. Even if he falls , I wouldn’t be happy drafting him. I’m just not overly confident in this offense sans Rivers. And I don’t think there will be nearly as many check downs, Tyrod will tuck and run. Also can Ekelers body hold up a full season as the lead dog, and maintain his productivity. All big question marks