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  1. Pretty much, how bad is that division jesus christ. Giants lost Barkley, Cowboys lost Dak, Washington lost it's name, & the Eagles 2-4-1 are in first place. Wow lol
  2. Hopefully we hear something tomorrow, unlikely as that is. Just great ... waivers run on Wednesday too. This is not ideal whatsoever I guess tomorrow night we all need to make a judgment call.
  3. Things will get back to normal this weekend, no doubt about it. He's due for a tuddie in this matchup against the Bengals. Let's hope Burrow keeps this game competitive & it erupts into a shootout.
  4. Any defense that plays the Jets or Giants. & maybe DallAss now too. Can't go wrong with that strat Then there are team defenses I wouldn't start regardless of matchup. Like Jets, Bengals, Cowboys ... etc
  5. Enooooooo 👀 Kid might have the secret sauce.
  6. Same here brodie, this move may end up working out beautifully. Better then expected If Dalton sits (concussion) , and the mobster Ben DiNucci starts. Giddy up I tell you ! Who knows I may start Philly D regardless of who suits up for DallAss. Playing at home + coming off that W . Must win divisional game for the Eagles, I feel this defense shows up.
  7. What it do .. crack a brew. MNF let's go boys ! Need a good game tonight from Kupp.
  8. Doesn't mention anywhere he may play this week. Only that they expect him back sooner, rather than later. Not trying to be argumentative, just for clarification. Thanks for the link I think it's safe to pick up Carlos Hyde and get a couple weeks worth of production from him.
  9. Don't believe he was at 100% against Pit. Personally I wouldn't hold this, or last weeks game where he got injured ... against him. Very nice matchup too this Sunday @ CIN
  10. Really where, I thought he was week to week ? If I can get 3 games of usage from Hyde that would be perfect. That's what I'm hoping for at least However a 2 week rental is cool too.
  11. No balls no glory. At this point it's crazy not to start him if healthy.
  12. You make good point. So what you're really saying is .. 10 dump off passes per game for Hunt 😉 Safe to say usage goes up, but money touches go down ?
  13. If it's Ben DiNucci at quarterback for DallAss lol , lock that puppy up ! Must win for Eagles at home, I think the whole offense goes off. And the defense has a field day if Dalton isn't starting Would love to stack Sanders (if healthy) + Philly D this week. I know sounds weird right