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  1. Currently have Tate but Shepard was dropped. Which one has the most value going forward?
  2. Have Gordon in and Connor as a Flex. Thinking of putting Ekler in as it is PPR to replace one of them. What should I do? Thanks
  3. Both are available and I should have 2nd waiver pick. we play two RB and have a flex spot, 1 pt ppr Roster is RB - Gordon, Ekler, Conner, Ingram, Ronald Jones. WR - Adams, Cooks, M Brown, Mclaurin, Tate, DJax Breida is splitting time with Coleman but can be plugged in right away. Edmonds would just be a handcuff in case DJ goes down. Already having some back issues. Everything I have read is he would be a true 3 down back if he took over. Thanks
  4. Down by 38 and have Connor going. looks like 1-3 staring me straight in the eyes.
  5. Drafted Brees Currently have Winston and J Allen K Allen and D Jones Available. Out of these 4 which two do you like until Brees comes back? My thinking is sticking with Winston and picking up Jones. Only drawback with Jones is the absence of Saquon. K allen will have all of his pieces in place. I have the #2 waiver so I m sure I will my pick of either. Thanks
  6. Championship game and down by 3 pts. Need Kamara to score 4pts in a 1pt PPR.
  7. 2nd week of playoffs and I lose Connor and OBJ to injuries. 1pt PPR have Kamara and Chubb at RB havr Thielen and D Adams at WR have Kittle at TE and can play either J Gordon, Spencer Ware, Jeff Wilson, Gus Edwards or T. Smith at FLEX also on waivers are Pettis and Goodwin. Who the best play
  8. Best Draft Pick - Thielen Round 4 Worst Pick - D. Freeman Round 3 Best WW - Connor and Kittle grabbed them off FA right after the draft Worst Drop - A. Jones for Marlon Mack who was then dropped for K. Drake Best Trade - Woods and Ingram for D Adams, JuJu and Doyle for Chubb Worst Trade - NA
  9. I’m very tempted to go with LAC. AJ being out as well as Dalton seems like it’s a sure thing for the defense to do well. And the chargers have Bosa back so that helps them out a lot. Not real sure about BUF. The jets have very little offense so could be a good matchup. NO is the one matchup I’m the most intrigued by. They have been playing really well. And TB is always a turnover machine. Of course I’ve chosen the wrong streamer just about every week seems like.
  10. Alright in the 2nd round of playoffs and trying to decide which defs to roster through week 15. currently have TEN, DEN, KC on waivers are BUF, NO, LAC stay put with what I got or switch out DEN and KC for something else?
  11. Start of the season: gave woods and Ingram for D. Adams Last week: gave JuJu and Doyle for Chubb
  12. 10 team PPR drafted kamara Ingram and D freeman Thielen Beckham JuJu Gordon Woods traded Woods and Ingram for Adams. Picked up Conner on waivers right after draft grabbed Kittle off of waivers as well
  13. Was offered a trade for Chubb. I give JuJu and Doyle for Chubb. have Kittle as TE and Thielen, Adams, Beckham and Gordon at WR and Flex new roster would look like QB Rivers RB Kamara, Conner, Chubb, Drake, McGuire WR Thielen, Adams, Beckham, Gordon TE Kittle K Tucker DEF Stream does this help me overall for the playoffs?
  14. If you can get Collins and Keenan for dion and Golladay I say do it. Maybe even if you have to do Breida. I like Keenan much better Than Golladay