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  1. Chriss suspended 1 game, must add or will embiid eat him alive?
  2. Feels like Kyries getting rested, can't wait to see him take on fox tonight
  3. They won't rush at all now that boston is floundering phillys in a great spot
  4. LeBron is number 2. Kobe doesn't come close. Kobe was definitely carried by Shaq and Gasol/Odom No way kobe should be in the GOAT debate
  5. Yeah his charity work, fatherhood and being a perfect role model whilst under the biggest spotlight ever off the court is just so annoying. What he's saying is pure truth. MJs ego is bigger so much so that the NBA buried the 1995 eastern conference finals he lost against shaq and penny.
  6. So has Donovan Mitchell I guess he sucks at basketball too.
  7. Have they lost enough guys to activate the next durant?
  8. Agree, I'm not worried though. Not even the coach can stop this train
  9. Not at all, JJJ has us all shook. Booker is officially injury prone
  10. Coach is enamored with Okobo, Melton will start if he proves it outside of a blowout garbage time scenario.
  11. Is this guy a 12 team must roster with Pau out? Playing very well.
  12. It's worth the gamble considering he got a career-high 19 the other night, dropped 40+ in college (yeah france but still) and he's touted as a great dynasty stash. All i'm saying