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  1. What were you basing your matchup proof analysis on? I was on the 2/3 turn and I was between mixon and Howard...you won.
  2. Agreed. Loved him coming into the season but he's unplayable in that offense with mariota. I dropped him yesterday.
  3. Ok, time will tell. If I'm wrong so be it. It's just hilarious how these forums are so manic.
  4. I agree, the beat reporter stated Hyde is just insurance in case Fournette gets hurt again. Everything will be fine after the bye.
  5. I don't think it's that easy. Ito will be getting more work in a few weeks than Coleman and brieda is injured often. Ito has a td each of the last 3 weeks and is already getting more touches albeit narrowly. It's tough to me. I'd go with the judge thinking about the ros.
  6. I'd drop Davis. I have him and I like him but the offense is terrible and the schedule isn't great ros. I'd go for cohen and Mack.
  7. Can you give me some examples that you'd prefer in a 1 for 1 over Fournette? I have Ingram, Howard and Gurley also, 12 tm ppr
  8. I was able to sell him to the 1-4 Fournette owner. I wouldn't give him up for drake.