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  1. Is there a littlre cash aspect to this thing? I will gladly take a look at the available teams and may even find you another owner. I prefer cash leagues even if it is cheap only because it motivates owners more. If the league is competitive and active wo any prize, that is great. I just rarely find that to be the case.
  2. So is this taking over the team right now? I would consider it. robhoke2@gmail.com
  3. If still looking or moved draft, I can do it tonight robhoke2@gmail.com
  4. I am signing up for a Yahoo Pro Leagie unless someone has a draft this weekend. Let me know today if this has legs.
  5. I would still be interested if you can get enough but let me know because I am going to try a Yahoo Pro League that drafts Sunday I believe. I just won't join that one if you guys can get enough teams.