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  1. I am interested. Can get you 3 experienced owners. Why not League Safe instead of PP? email me robhoke2@gmail.com
  2. email me if you want 3 owners or even need 1 as I will do multiple leagues. Prefer to draft next weekend but open to something from 10/16-10/22 robhoke2@gmail.com zhoke3@gmail.com adamjgalasso@yahoo.com
  3. Ok well listen, I need 3 spots but if everyone paid, I would consider taking one spot All very experienced very active owners so if someone does not pay - hit me up @ robhoke2@gmail.com
  4. I can't open the link inside of the post to connect to runyourpool. Using a chromebook and will try my phone. You can even text me for info to join survivor. 4108024072
  5. Can i still join this season long pick em and or survivoremail me - robhoke2@gmail.com and send one to adamjgalasso@yahoo.com
  6. Do you have others? How many?Should I try to recruit someone?
  7. send me an invite please- I will do it if you get enough. Can pay on LS as soon as I get home prob around 5:30
  8. I would do it but has to be a little later. 6:00 6:30 eastern would work so if you wind up moving it to get more, email me robhoke2@gmail.com
  9. I can't make 6 but could prob do 6:30 and anytime after so if you do not fill it in time, let me know. 6 is possible for me but i can't promise. my email is robhoke2@gmail.com
  10. Hey- I am as well. Prefer 1/2 PPR but will do full. I have to run out. Email me robhoke2@gmail.com if you get a hit and they need another owner. prefer to draft 7 or later but could do a little earlier
  11. Same here- I can draft tonight and would be in for sure if draft was anytime from 6PM eatern to 10:30 if so email me bl.sales@fellers.com