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  1. Add me in to this draft. I may be able to recruit 1-2. And I am a definite. robhoke2@gmail.com
  2. robhoke2@gmail.com I prefer a 9 cat or 8 cat each Cats or a ROTO. Let me know asap
  3. Guys- Count me in to any draft for today/tonight. Let me know if any plans have been made and if you want, I will try a few guys I know. robhoke2@gmail
  4. Add me in to this draft. I may be able to recruit 1-2. And I am a definite. robhoke2@gmail.com
  5. Can we make it 14 team? I have 3 definites. Let me know asap before i join something else please. robhoke2@gmail.com
  6. i will do it. This is a snake or auction? And when is draft robhoke2@gmail.com
  7. i have 3 owners. Can we ber added? I will pay for all now if need be robhoke2@gmail.com
  8. I will do it and have 3 total people but needs to be 1 min between rounds. And is this for money
  9. i will add 3 owners now. Just tell me if there are 3 spots please. robhoke2@gmail.com. I can get the other 2 in 1 min
  10. I have 3 owners ready to pay right this minute of there is room in this league. Draft Sun or Mon just not too early on Sun.
  11. robhoke2@gmail.com who will it come from so i can find it for sure
  12. I can get 3 but I know they will prefer a 12 team. Is that an option? You have 8 so this would make 11. Is this scored in every cat so we are not talking 1-0 but 5-4 right?
  13. I have 3 people and may have reached out on another site. How many teams do you have? We are 3 total and I can do it now if this is not a h2h win as in 1-0 and not 6-3. send me an invite to robhoke2@gmail.com
  14. I can't click on link. Can you email me at robhoke2@gmail.com or should I type in league? Sorry, I am a little challenged with technology but chromebook wont allow me to go direct w link.
  15. I can fill all 3 spots with experienced owners. Are we playing for any $ at all? Let me know and I can lock in the spots if you have them. email me robhoke2@gmail.com