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  1. I wouldn't pull the trigger on that. Kemba is by far the best player in the deal + there is quite a big shutdown/injury risk in playoffs for Vuc and Dray (it's Draymond, not Danny, right?).
  2. So there is a guy in my league that wants to trade PG13. I am thinking about offering Tobias Harris + Prince + Ingles + someone else for PG13 + CJ + Saric. Do you think it makes sense? Who would you add additionally out of Bogdan Bogdanovic, Isaac, G. Harris so that the other manager would most likely agree on the trade and at the same time not give up too much? Or maybe 2*Harris + one of Prince/Jingles for PG13+CJ+Saric? 9-cat, roto, 15-team league.
  3. No brainer to me, I would take the deal. Kemba is by far the best player, Gasol is on the similar level as CJ/Murray, ok, there is some injury risk, but Memphis is doing ok and there should be no shutdown this season. Go for that.
  4. 9-cat, 15 team league, roto. My current team: pg: Bledsoe sg: JIngles g: Paul sf: Prince f: Middleton pf: Harris c: Whiteside c: Nurkic util: J-Rich util: G. Harris bn: Okogie bn: M. Robinson bn: Isaac ir: Bogdanovic The other manager wants to get rid of Murray, so I thought about throwing that package to see if I can get Beal. Thoughts? Too little? Too much?
  5. I would pick Isaac for his upside in playoffs given your team roster
  6. 9-cat, roto, 15-team league. Would you accept that given the current situation with Jimmy?
  7. I thought this is what veto feature is for if you see a terrible trade that somehow got accepted, the other can actually veto against that if it favors mainly one manager ... EDIT: That was supposed to be a response to BxOzzy post
  8. 9-cat, 15 team league and this is the trade that some folks are planning to make: JB for Horford, straightforward. Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy and should be vetoed?
  9. I wish someone in my league would propose such trade to me Definitely yes, take it and enjoy your run with Middleton and Ayton.
  10. Time will tell, I still feel that around 70 is doable + if Harden misses more time with his hamstring injury, CP3 will be cooking!
  11. Fultz or Bamba seem to be good choices for a drop candidate. Fultz especially, I would say, Bamba may be unleashed once/if Vuc gets traded.
  12. Thanks, we have an auction draft, went with the idea to build the team by selecting one TOP15 plazer and some sleepers that I had in mind, though it went south as other folks started bidding crazy $ for top players, so I waited for a while and did my shopping. I have already done one trade and acquired Nurkic in that and now I have just accepted CP3 for Teague + Adams. Leaves me a bit thin at C spot, but I take the risk here. That's interesting, I'm in roto 9-cat, so I don't care if CP3 gets injured now or after ASB as long as he plays around ~70 games I think it's a good deal as I also have some folks outside of 10 spots that can easily contribute and in general CP3 + Isaac/Bogdanovic (when returns to form from his injury) will contribute more imo than Teague + Adams. Why would you reject in that case?
  13. PG: Bledsoe SG: J-Rch G: Teague SF: G. Harris F: Prince PF: T. Harris C: Whiteside C: Nurk UTIL: Middleton UTIL: Jingles BN: Adams BN: Issac BN: Bogdan Bogdanovic Yeah, the league is quite big, so FA is crap, however I believe my roster is pretty well balanced and I have folks on BN that I can put into my playing roster that will contribute. The only concern/risk that I have is that it leaves me with only 2 Centers, but I am willing to take the risk and if Hassan or Nurk actually gets injured, I think I can always do some other trade for C. And Paul is obviously an upgrade compared to Teague.
  14. 9-cat, 15-team league, roto, just have been offered that trade, looks like a good deal to me (I am getting Paul). Thoughts?
  15. Trade 1 - definitely Kyrie side. Trade 2 - I would rather have Tobias. I am actually extremely high on Tobias this year and in general I wouldn't trade Harris for Kyrie to be honest. And Kuz > R-Jax.
  16. 15-team, 9-cat roto. I am pretty thin at C, thus want to get Nurk. Lamb and Dinwiddie on my bench, not even making the 10-player rotation. The only concern that I have is that I drafted Dinwiddie for his upside IF he gets traded outside of the crowded rotation in Brooklyn to some place where he can soak up minutes and be a primary pg (Suns?) though haven't heard any latest rumors on that. Would you pull the trigger here?
  17. I would pull the trigger to get Bledsoe and Embiid. Agreed that both carry some injury risk, however when healthy Embiid is TOP10 player imo this season & Bledsoe is in contract year, finding himself great in the new Budenholzer's system. Also, Giannis didn't develop the jumper yet, is not a reliable source of 3s and FT% + he is hurting you a lot in TOs this season, though I expect that to drop down a bit during the course of the season.
  18. This time sharing with Ibaka and constant lineup changes are killing JV's value. If Ibaka gets injured, then JV can be a monster. If Ibaka is healthy, JV may still be useful, though he will have his ups and downs. However, I am not sure if you can actually buy low on him at the moment, guess would need to wait for some string of bad games and then try to pull the deal.
  19. Adams is looking great this season, just hoping that Westbrook's return doesn't eat too much into his rebounds.
  20. Teague + Ingles + Lamb for Jrue + Turner - any thoughts on that? I think that it is time to buy low on Holiday and also sell high on Ingles, though not sure if I can get more from Ingles ...
  21. I am a bit concerned that they are not releasing any updates on his health ...
  22. I've just been offered a trade: Marc Gasol + John Collins for Joe Ingles + Jeremy Lamb+ Spencer Dinwiddie. Any thoguhts that you have? I think it is a good time to sell high in Jingles as I don't believe he will continue with such numbers, though there is a slight risk with injuries to Collins and Gasol ...