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  1. Yeah, I realize that, Kanter was drafted for some big money ($18 or more), the same with Nurk. I hope I will be able to execute some trade (2 for 1) and get a quality C for Ingles/Prince or will snatch some promising C from the waivers.
  2. Greetings! I've just had an auction draft yesterday, 14 teams league, 9-cat roto. Ended up with the following team: PG: Bledsoe ($27) G: Teague ($15) SG: Middleton ($32) SF: Gary Harris ($22) F: Prince ($16) pf: Tobias Harris ($29) C: Whiteside ($15) C: Adams ($10) UTIL: Ingles ($13) UTIL: Richardson ($16) BN: White ($1) BN: Gibson ($2) BN: Dinwiddie ($2) Pretty happy with the team, quite balanced, though I think I might have been more aggresive in trying to get one of TOP15 players. A bit light on C as well, though I hope that Hassan will have a bounce back year. Prior to the draft, I targeted Middleton, Bledsoe, Prince, Richardson, 2* Harris, so got players that I wanted. Any thoughts/comments?