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  1. He could be a Flex play this week if active
  2. It would take multiple played to get Gordon, not including CMC. you would have to “lose” the trade on paper.. it depends what your waiver wire looks like if you can recover or not. What is the other teams roster?
  3. Ekeler is a good back who deserves a good contract. He is not better than Gordon but deserves to be paid.
  4. I need this... Zeke, Gordon, and Gurley... 😆
  5. I just bought Gurley.. hoping he has a strong RoS.
  6. I’m going out in a limb and buying Gurley for the RoS.. just traded Mixon for him.
  7. I countered with Mixon for Gurley straight up.
  8. Hey guys.. just received a trade offer that’s intriguing me. send - Joe Mixon and Melvin Gordon get - Todd Gurley and Kareem Hunt.. what do you guys think?
  9. I think he will be a good option for a few weeks for sure.
  10. I traded AB for Cooper right as he was released by the Raiders.. I was worried when he signed with the Pats but we all know how that worked out.
  11. MG equals wins for the Chargers. Ekeler is a great fantasy back but his skill set isn’t leading to wins.
  12. MVS seems like a good play today, right? He was just dropped and cleared waivers.. grabbed him for free and going to put him in my Flex.
  13. This is the first time in my league the Kamara owner is entertaining offers to sell him.. weird to see.
  14. I think he has some value as a Flex this week due to a big lead.