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  1. Bro, not even kidding, I was absolutely smashing my league up until all start break. AD announces he wants a trade, doesn't get traded... He only starts playing 20 mins after this and this league begins to lose every now and then. However, I still make 2nd seed going into playoffs because I was dominating so hard earlier in league. Now I am on the cusp of losing the first round of playoffs because he wanted a personal day this week, Kevin Love goes down(after going 1/10 from the field), and the Raps have ZERO reason to rush back Kyle Lowry. Been a rough season for sure... Wish he would have just kept his mouth shut... But with how bad the Pels are, I doubt he would be playing many minutes this late in the season anyways. At least Harden, the other choice for number 1 overall, wants to chase for that MVP title. Sorry for ranting a bit... But it has been a rough one... Good luck in playoffs man, Cheers
  2. Looking back boys, I made out like a bandit... PG13 is having an MVP caliber season and GARRIS is on the sideline 1/3 of the season. I straight stole this guys lunch money. This team I have is in first with an 18 game lead on second. Scary team bruh...
  3. Good for you, proud of ya. Maybe you'll get a plaque made just for you
  4. I got made fun of when I drafted kittle in the 6th by my league mates. They said "who?" "Who the f--- is Kittle?". Being a niners fan and watching this guy develop last year I knew he has the tools to be a big time player. This stud won me the Semis this week and has been a top 5 TE all year(Rank depends on league scoring). Who's laughing now bitches???
  5. Off brand chips too... Idk, his FT% is what is really tilting me the most. I can handle the duds while he gets his s--- figured out. But he is poo pooing on my FT% AND the defensive stats are almost dried up compared to last year. I really don't see his minutes going anywhere but also have no clue if he will go back to having runs of top 75ish value like last year. As much as it pains me to do it, I'm gritting my teeth and holding at least til the end of the week.
  6. I feel like you lose triples most weeks as well? SGA has more upside than Jackson but lacks triples. You also will get more defensive numbers from SGA, but you are probably pretty decent in defensive numbers with the 6 guys you listed. If SGA's specialties(FT% @ 3FTA, decent boards and steals, strong out of position blocks, decent points) are not needed by you team, then if possibly makes since to search for someone who can cover in areas you are weak in. But believe me SGA will probably not be there when you go to check back. His numbers are super useful for a lot of teams and builds so he will be snatched up quick. Hope this helps, JB
  7. How about tonight boys? Anyone still worried? Didn't think so... That is all.
  8. Yeah I know the feeling, Harden was destroying my FT% pretty much all by himself shooting 75% this season. But he made up for it tonight by sinking 14-15 FT and getting me the W in the FT% category for this week. PG13 will get it turned around and start putting up some monster lines. He is putting up top 12 value AND his shot isn't falling. He will be fine. Cheers
  9. Lost a league because I was too focused on my other 3 leagues trying to grind out some wins and make the teams better. All this extra focus caused me to completely neglect to start 2 people I had on the bench(Sunday Evening) that wound have turned a 2-7, to a 5-4 in this league. I was getting my a** handed to me in this league after Thursday night, so I ruled it a loss and decided to divert my extra attention away from this league. What a DUMBASS ... Won't be doing that again anytime soon, learned my lesson. At least on a side note, I did grind out 3 wins in my other leagues and have 2 teams setting pretty early this season. Just need AD to stay healthy. That is all for now
  10. Westbrook going down = more shots to PG, let's just hope he catches fire here soon and makes a ton of them
  11. Nicely put, f--- NO. His FG% is something you should have known could be volatile at times when drafting him. He will be fine imo... If this foot thing was truly an issue, he would be grabbing some DNPs already. The Thunder are going to be clawing and fighting for a playoff spot/playoff positioning all year. PG13 has the green light and is firing away so far from deep this year too. The FG% will regress towards the mean of his career avg of 43ish%.
  12. Gary Harris a bum? LOL... You must be high bro
  13. Used up all my adds for the week in both leagues he is available :(. Doubt he will be there through the weekend. FeelsBadMan
  14. After mulling through the stats for the last hour or so, I have decided to accept the trade. I believe it will benefit my team more to have PG13 and JMURR. Plus GARRIS and JRUE have a bit of an injury history. You think I am a winner? Only time will tell. Cheers and GL to all for the remainder of this week.
  15. If you are ok with losing blocks and are ONLY looking to improve your FT%, then pull the trigger. You should have know when drafting Adams that he would be a major drag on FT% tho. Good luck