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  1. His #'s would be a little better if every game wasn't a blowout, but still.. I'd trade him for a bag of Halloween candy at the moment..
  2. Wondering if I'm watching the same Bledsoe as ya'll? He's barely involved, had 1 decent game, weird a** rotations.. Maybe good for real life, but for a 3-4th rounder, I doubt it could be much worse?
  3. How much will his #s change when Brandon "Mayweather" Ingram comes back?
  4. I'll get in if you don't want to have to deal with finding reliable people that are going to pay.. LMK thx
  5. OK makes sense, like yahoo baseball.. I'd be interested in joining if spots left
  6. I typically play NFBC and CDM, don't usually do these head to head leagues
  7. Brazil, thanks for the smart-a** remark, but on some level i may deserve that.. So categories accumulate over the year as to wins or losses, or each week, someone wins or loses based on who won more cats?