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  1. on my trading block previously, now i think i have to keep him, just please stay healthy ROS.
  2. Where do you rank Westbrook and Lebron next season? Now that you mentioned it, i realized no owner has won our league with a Westbrook as 1st pick. When i joined the first time in our competitive money league(16 or 18 teams) in 2014 i had AD and i finished 2nd, couldnt win it all since he was injured along with Wall. Winner had CP3 if im not mistaken. And then on my 2nd year, i had Harden and Klay avenged me and won my 1st championship. Third year, i drafted outside top10 (cant remember exact position) and took Butler Hayward McCollum and IT in the draft. It only got me 3rd place, the winner had Curry and KAT (rookie year) as his top2 picks. 4th season, i got Giannis and had me won my 2nd championship. 5th season, i had Cousins as 13th pick and fell out of playoffs for the first time after he tore his Achilles. Champion had Jokic. And then this year, i had my biggest mistake and regret by trading my 1st round pick Harden for KAT just coming into 4th week of the season. When i went to finals, i battled Harden and lost. In fairness to the owner he also had a fantastic draft(Murray, Turner, Dinwiddie, Ibaka JoeHarris) and waiver wire pickups like Thomas Bryant and he just cruised into the finals with his lineup after the trade. And yeah Westbrook cant win it all. Thanks for the insight i have now new perspective on his draft position. And sorry for long post. This should be in another thread maybe. Peace!
  3. Right now, I value him at rank no.7, higher than Curry PG and Lillard. Is that an overvalue? I normally play in 9Cats H2H with 16-18 teams. Maybe if KD leaves, i will swap Steph and Westbrook..
  4. How about Westbrook?Where would you guys rank him?outside top10?
  5. Best Pick: Harden (1) Hield (107) Worst Pick: Horford (37) Worst Trade: Harden Horford for KAT Schroder (3rd week) Best Add: Holmes Drop You Regret: Satoransky Favorite: Hield, JRich, Dunn Frustrating: Middleton, Schroder, Mikal I know, i'm an idiot 😔
  6. Could we get a PF eligibilty in ESPN? This guy's a Stocks machine. Now doubting to drop him even when Cousins come back. And i still have 2 other Centers on my team..
  7. Is he gonna play? I have 1 more slot to start. Choosing between Holmes and Jrich.
  8. Enjoy the ride guys!!! Never jumping out again on this wagon.
  9. This guy is overachieving. Fun to watch. Love the stats. Thanks Bud!
  10. What you guys think about this fella. Hoping to get more consistent minutes, 20-26mpg maybe
  11. More minutes please for this guy. 10ppg 8rpg 2bpg!