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  1. Always start your studs. Engram is a stud
  2. Has Jerry ever had a star player that he drafted that he didn’t pay? I can’t recall one, but I’m not a Cowboys fan
  3. I don’t know. Anything with mid foot makes me super nervous
  4. I'd like for you to point out where I compared Singletary to MJD. I, amongst others, provided examples of players having success that were 5'7. As someone else pointed out, the best RB of all time was 5'7. Singletary is 7 lbs lighter than MJD was at the combine, so your weight distribution argument doesn't hold water. Look, I'm not claiming Singletary to be as good as what MJD was, but anyone that watched a blip of Buffalo last year can clearly see McCoy is done. If he makes it past cuts, they will probably trot him out as the starter. I believe Gore will be a RB to spell the starter, regardless of who that is. I also believe that even at 5'7 and even as a rookie, Singletary is >>>> than what McCoy is, and once games start mattering Singletary will take over McCoy's role. I don't think this guy will be a first round pick in next years draft, like I already mentioned, but I also expect him to be at minimum Flex/Bye week fill in worthy by mid season at worst. Me personally, I'm targeting him in the 10/11 round and I'm I will own zero shares of McCoy who is going a round higher.
  5. Discounting a RB because he’s 5’7, especially when’s he’s 200+ lbs is extremely short sighted. But hey, you do you
  6. What? He was a solid RB3/Flex, which is exactly where he was drafted to be last year.
  7. I never thought this wouldn't be Sony's backfield, with White having his role in the passing game. Sony quietly had 1000 yards and 6 td's last season, while gaining another 300+ yards and 6 touchdowns in the playoffs. As a rookie, when the season mattered the most, they put the ball in his hands. Most rookies hit a wall, he plowed through it. People also seem to forget how good of a player he was in college. He was a superior prospect to his counter part Chubb. He's also a really good pass catcher out of the backfield. Not that i expect that part of his game to grow a whole lot with White in town, but if needed he can certainly rise to the occasion. Harris is DND for me, and I expect Sony to improve on last year.
  8. Completely disagree. Peterson will see the field but if healthy Guice is their back. There’s not even a question in my mind. Sure CT is still there too and he will get some carries, but not much more from either other than to spell Guice.
  9. I really agree. I hope I can draft Guice in my keeper league. There’s no other RB I’m more excited about talent wise. His situation is horrible which is an obvious downgrade, but I don’t see much of a rbbc here this season.
  10. No one is saying it’s a rule. There are plenty of examples of players his size. To blow him off because he’s not 6’ is just poor player evaluation. But, I hope that people continue to do so. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is the best RB on that roster. When the rubber meets the road and he’s vastly outperforming McCoy and Gore, they are not going to keep him off the field. I’m not saying he’s going to be a first round pick in next years draft, but there is no other RB 4/5 with more upside than him this year.
  11. I just don’t think Singletary should be discounted due to his size. He has some old dinosaurs ahead of him that have been ridden hard and put away wet. I am going to stop talking about him and I hope he stays at his current adp
  12. I'm glad that people use this strategy, but I personally couldn't disagree more. I'm in a 12 team Keeper league that starts QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/RB/TE, WR/RB/TE, TE, 6 IDP. Taking out the IDP and QB, I look at it as 7 starting players. With this size roster in a 12 team league, everyone is going to have weaknesses or question marks every week in their starting lineup. I'm not pigeon holing myself into needing to take a WR1 by x round, or WR2 in rounds 2-4. It's all about flexibility. I'm not scared to take 4 RB's and a TE before I ever take a WR if that's where the value is. I'm not going to pass on say Sony Michel for Sammy Watkins because I've already drafted 2 RB's and there was a run on WR. I'm drafting the best possible players to start every week, and If I go into round 9 looking for a WR2 then so be it. I'll throw 3 darts looking for a starting WR late in the draft. And this year more than recent, I see RB and TE as shallow and WR deep. I will never go into a draft saying I need to take X position by X round. But when other's do, thats when players fall and you grab value. Back on topic, Geronimo was solid last year until he was hurt. He has already earned AR's trust and I will be taking him before MVS unless I see otherwise in preseason
  13. I think if you put Calvin in Rice's situation he would have put up better numbers. I also think Moss was more talented but a head case. Rice deserves the goat label though.
  14. Dukes arrow is definitely pointing up. I've been patient with him all season but I can't say I have faith in this coaching staff to figure it out. I'm looking at it that's I've held him this long and the backfield is finally less crowded so I'm crossing my fingers that he gets more involved from here on out.