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  1. . For everyone's safety at this point.
  2. If he every plays again, it will be another stain on the entire name brand ( NFL) Sanity and decency - That Off - Ramp was passed long ago.
  3. Rooting for Kittle and the 49rs. I would love to see KC get humbled in the SB.
  4. C'mon Titans.... Get it together and stop the Chiefs. Tennessee is a great team now with Henry and Tannehill. They are the best come out of nowhere story this year.
  5. I do not think he means it, I think he is trying to pressure the Patriots to get more offensive help. He just said the right things for another year with the Patriots. My bet is he retires if they release him.
  6. I would think the Patriots HAVE to sign Brady. They need to develop a QB before they let him go. That said , they may just move on now and take the down year and then rebuild with a future high draft pick after they go 4-12.
  7. My guess is he retires before he goes to another team. The legend may never play again.
  8. Only one non RB pick in the first 5 rounds ( I should have done all five as RB) 1 - L Bell 2 - M Evans 3 - M Gordon 4 - D Freeman 5 - S Micheal
  9. 1/12....Keeper ( only my second year, highest total points.) 3/ RB strategy 5/12.....RB first strategy
  10. Huge pass interference. Not called on 49rs. Got them the win
  11. AI is apparently getting better.....Creepy
  12. Winston is the Ray Charles of Football. Talented , but cant see for nothing.
  13. Week 17 MId day Games ( 4:25 ET Starts) PHI @ NYG - Will Howard play? Does Danny Dimes prove it ? Is Slayton gonna break out? TN @ TX - Is Tannehill and AJ a thing for 2020 WAS @ DAL - Will Witten get a TD? PIT @ BAL - Dionte may be a sleeper IND @ JAX - Minshew/ Chark....does Chark pass 1000 yards. Does Mack have a big day? OAK @ DEN - IS Renfrow for real?