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  1. If you had pick 7, would you have pulled the trigger on MIles Sanders in the first?
  2. St Steven was going to use his 7th pick for him thinking he would NOT be available. In truth, he will probably be off the board by his spot in the turn. So.....I am curious as to if St Steven got his man.
  3. Having Sanders as a Number 1 pick at 7....hmm. You just might able to get him after the turn. I would likely go Hill first and hope to get him after. That said, I think he is going to put up top 10 numbers so he can be picked at 7, and it would not be shocking.
  4. IF any of your late round RB's break out you would have an unstoppable team. Remember, your team already has top 5 ranked players at every position other than RB on day one.
  5. Hyde may very well be the starter at the beginning of the year.
  6. In short - Yes. Although not an afterthought, Penny and Carson may never be the same. Relying on a rookie is unwise. Either Hyde or Freeman could literally be the starter on week 1. IF the Carson and Penny do not come back to old form , then the same thing happens. There are far worse gambles to be made late in the draft.
  7. I did not say they SIGNED him. They are looking at both Hyde and Freeman. They made an offer to Devonta. The Seahawks really need a RB.
  8. If Hyde or Devonta sign with the Seahawks. They are sneaky RB2's you can get very late in the draft. They both have the ability to take over the majority of touches.
  9. Whomever the poster is on Carlos Hyde, great call. Although Devonta Freeman was also made an offer. Seattle is definitely NOT sure about Carson or Penny. All you Carson Truthers are panicking now!
  10. Because Goedert is better, and the reports have been the same since last year. Goedert is the better athlete and is a superstar in waiting. I will be putting in the bold predictions thread that Goedert puts up better numbers than Ertz this year. Even if he does not, he is a good start, and you can get him at a much lower ADP.
  11. Fading hard on him.... Not interested in an old WR on a mediocre team with a choker QB.
  12. I think Ertz gets fazed out this year. I would rather draft Goedert.
  13. I have been saying the same thing. Seattle has a huge ? at RB and need to sign a free agent. Devonta would be the man in Seattle. If they sign him, the Sea hawks go from the worst team in the division to a competitor.