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  1. Got Drake at 10 in a half PPR draft, my commissioner called it "The worst pick in the draft" and claimed he had Drake in the 20s on his board. He won't be laughing for long. With Drake and Julio as my top 2 picks I'm feeling really good.
  2. Kenyan Drake is the best guy in his tier for me. I picked him 10th (RB8) in a half PPR draft last night. Considering these 2 facts: 1. He was RB4 after he was traded to the Cardinals last year and his workload shouldn't see any meaningful change (Kingsbury even said he'd like to get Drake MORE involved in the pass game) 2. "Starting Cardinals RB" would've been RB3 last year, and again, he'll get all of that work He has more upside and honestly less risk than CEH, Mixon, Sanders, Chubb, Jacobs and Jones.
  3. If you don't believe this injury is serious (I don't) then there's almost no reason to fade him. He's still the most likely guy out of that 3rd tier of RBs (Sanders, Mixon, Chubb, Ekeler, Jacobs) to finish as a top 5 back. I'm still all in on Drake as RB7 or 8. Just not sure whether I should take him at 10 in my draft or wait to see if I can get him at 15.