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  1. I'm Up 12 With Aaron Jones, He Has Boone Left, Standard Scoring, Think It's Going To Be Tight
  2. Got Aaron Jones Tomorrow With A 12 Point Lead, He's Got Boone Left To Play
  3. Lindsay And McLaurin For Me As Well GL And Thanks For Mine
  4. If It's PPR I'd Go With Drake, Jones And Mack If Non PPR Replace Drake With Gordon
  5. I'd Still Go With DJ, Still Think He'd Find Him A Lot With Indy Trying To Take CMC Out Of The Game GL
  6. Righto With Henry Not Playing, I've Got Mixon As My One RB, With The Other Spot To Do I Play Drake, Lindsay Or Aaron Jones Also Flex Option Do I Start Boyd, Chark Or Any Of The Other RB Options At Flex WHIR!!!
  7. QB - I'd Roll With Tanny RB 2 - Connor Flex - I'd Go With Montgomery GL And Thanks For Mine
  8. Kupp - He Should Get Lots Of Targets Along With Higbee Thielan - Don't Think They'll Have Him Out There Whole Game, They'll Probably Limit Him To A Particular Snap Count Edelman - That's Bills D Is Playing Lights Out, Can See This Game Being Low Scoring With Both Teams Running The Ball A Lot GL And Thanks For Mine
  9. I'd Go With Mack, Think Indy Will Want To Establish The Run Game With The Game They Had Against The Saints GL And Thank You For Mine
  10. 8 Man Auction Draft, Picked Up Drake, Chark, McLaurin And Boyd In FA Thanks For Your Input
  11. I'd Rock With Kupp, Granted He Had A Few Points In Garbage Time, But I Still Think He's A Better Option Than Chark GL
  12. Need Help With My Flex Option Current Team QB - Tannehill RB's - Mixon And Henry WR's - McLaurin And Hopkins TE - Higbee Flex - Options Are Kenyan Drake, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Jones, Tyler Boyd And DJ Chark I'm Currently Leaning Towards Boyd With Jones Having To Play A Tough Vikings D Any Help Is Grateful And WHIR