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  1. I know the immediate thought is to pick him up since it's an 18-teamer, but there is no IR and 4 teams have already dropped out meaning only 14 teams are left trying. Of the 14, only the top 8 proceed to Playoffs and I'm 80% sure I've got the 8th seed locked up. In case of a Tie Break I have a good Points For lead on the lower seeds. Here are the scenarios running thru my head: Downside: If I pick up Capela, I'm stashing yet another black hole to my roster w/ Barton already injured...... -->That means my chances of winning Week 19 / 20 will be even tougher with one less active player -->I'll likely finish in 8th unless I luck out and finish 6th/7th (I guess it depends on my opponents & their injuries as well) -->The guy I am likely dropping is Nunn, Grant, Theis, or Barton (IR). All comparable players at this point (factoring Capela injury) Upside: Capela's back in 3 weeks playing 20+ minutes and leads me to a first round upset....... how likely or unlikely is this to happen considering his minutes limit and ATL having nothing to play for?? To be a useful end of bench player I am only looking for a floor of 10pts/10reb/2blk in 20 minutes. That equates to 28 Fantasy Points in my league which is Top-100 Value. Anything else is gravy on top. What do you guys think????
  2. Stocks are 3 points each, is that why you picked JJ? Also with the Minny youth movement going on do you think they need to play an old dude like JJ?? Okogie also free
  3. H2H Points League. Efficiency doesn't matter. TO = -1 points. I have Jabari and Nunn currently. Should I drop either (or both) for the other options??
  4. So we're looking at a potential March 2 return, if we're lucky and everything goes well.......... that leaves some of us with 2 weeks of regular season & 3 weeks of playoffs. F*** this is tough. My Holmes is holding us all hostage!!!!!!!!
  5. Bell useless in Memphis now lol..... there goes his chance
  6. GTD now Traded Ball++ for Jrue but lost the last 2 weeks, go figureeeeeee
  7. Update: Just used my FA Availability to add D Washington (Josh Jacobs OAK is OUT) without resistance.... more options now so things are really interesting. Do I consider D Wash over my great crop of WRs............. Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!
  8. Just dropped P Laird for D Washington (Josh Jacobs OAK is OUT).... so things are really interesting now. Do I take D Wash over Bell or even FLEX D Wash/Boone over Perriman. Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!
  9. 0 PPR; Please pick 1 WR, 1 RB, and 1 FLEX from the list below.... WRs: Scary Terry "F1" McLaurin, DJ Moore, or B Perriman RBs: L Bell, P Laird, D Montgomery, J White, or M Boone My 3 current picks (could change by Sat/Sun due to availability): 1. T McLaurin - He's finally back w/ a great matchup vs NYG! 2. L Bell - Revenge game is the only angle I got. I really want to pick M Boone though. 3. B Perriman - Tough choice between him & DJ Moore....I feel torn only because DJ has a rookie QB throwing next week
  10. WR1: D Adams WR2: J Jones WR/RB: TBD please vote WR/TB/TE: TBD please vote 2 Options to pick from: K Allen, A Robinson II, T Lockett, J White, D Singletary, T Higbee, FA TBD (no one worth adding though) Please vote which 2 I should Flex. My gut tells me I should go w/ K Allen & A Robinson II due to consistency over last 6 weeks, but Lockett's surprise performance last week keeps making me think twice. I like J White and T Higbee too but tough games vs BUF/SF D. What does Roto think? WHIR
  11. Must-win for Dallas, so go Forbath Dallas @ Philly. W/ Dak at less than 100% Dallas will probably play it safe and put up the 3 whenever they can.
  12. I dont know how motivated he can be for a decent revenge game. I have M Boone, Laird, D Montgomery, J White in my RB2 slot over L Bell.........
  13. +1 Just did that myself in 3 leagues Any chance CMC sits out this game?? Carolina is done now.....not making playoffs