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  1. The pickup is no one. WIsh Yahoo did a league wide lock of all leagues, Pro & Custom. For sure there are bush league tactics being used to take advantage of any situation such as this. Instead of playing out a honest season / league which has been compromised people try to do whatever it takes to win, even if they aren't close to earning it. It's a reflection of the bad side of humanity........ people are out there trying to save their jobs, lives, families and then you have people who have nothing better to do than take advantage of a bad situation. Call me harsh but I'm throwing these foolish and incompetent GMs into the same silo as the scumbags of society who tried to sell face masks and hand sanitizer for 100x the cost, or much worse, the morons who are collecting used face masks and reselling them for profit. Hopefully majority of commishs smarten up and reverse all the action!!! /rant
  2. This would not make sense for Roto. In my roto league the guy in first place is in first place because he has 30 more games played over fifth place. I'm in fourth place with 24 less games. Guy in 12th place has 50 less games. Everyone has their own valid reasons for why they overplay or underplay their games played based on hunches, injury, performance, etc. But the point is the Current Standings aren't a valid representation of the Final Standings when all 82 GP have been used (or when time runs out). If everyone knew Corona would take out sports at the 65 GP mark then everyone would have used their Games Played more efficiently or proactively. I have seen middle of the pack to last place teams make a significant dent in the Standings with a total of ~180 GP left so I'm not about to count anyone or any team out. If it's not statistically impossible to finish in the $$$, then it's not over yet. So here's a few proposals I have for the 3 different formats I play in: If NBA resumes within 2-6 weeks: -Lock and freeze all accounts until further notice ASAP (this should have been done last night already and any transactions after 9PM last night should not have counted). Call this a preservation / snapshot of league history without any further adulteration of evidence and historical stats. Point is to leave everything as is, unchanged, to prevent anyone from further improving their rosters unfairly. If KD / Irving / Simmons was never on a roster before Corona and now they are suddenly healthy and playing if/when NBA resumes, they should remain as untouchable on the FA forever. The point is, those guys would have never made a difference if Corona wasn't around, so why should they make a difference now? Different story if a player was on the roster/IR before Corona.....that means the GM was super patient waiting for someone to come back from injury, gambled or waited for an Act of God. If NBA cancels regular season: -For Roto the fairest and easiest thing to do is refund and cancel the entire league. Roto is based on all teams using the same number of Games Played. Due to hunches, injuries, performance etc. this will never be even until the final day of games. There's no way to make it fair unless bias is involved. Averaging out stats or using projections for rest of season is not an accurate representation. There are hot / cold players. First half / second half performers. Injuries. You can't project or average any number without pissing one person off. And if one person disagrees (in touchy, unprecedented times like these) it should be a no go. -For H2H, and those in Playoffs already, I can see the Playoff teams agreeing to an equal split (total pot divide by 8), or a split based on rankings with top teams getting slightly higher pay if a Bye is involved or if the top teams have much higher Win % etc. Either way this is the easiest to resolve because only Playoff teams should have a say into what happens (non-Playoffs teams already eliminated and had no chance of winning!). -For H2H without Playoffs yet, same as above, but those fighting for a Playoff spot maybe get a small split too depending how close it is. Usually by now the Top 5 or 6 teams of 8 have already clinched and only 2-4 teams are fighting for the final 2 spots.
  3. All playoff teams play a separate 8-team league next season to battle it out!!
  4. I have courtside seats to GSW @ Toronto on Monday. Who's gonna refund me my $2000??
  5. Pick 2 please: Crowder @NO @Was Nunn @NO @Was J. Johnson Orl NO Theis Uta OKC Standard Y! Points League where STL/BLK is worth most points and missed FT are -1. My picks are Crowder and Nunn but I could see Crowder and Johnson being a popular choice too. Nunn has the starter minutes and scoring touch when he's making the shots, but Johnson is the glue of the team w/ limited minutes and his amazing run of peripheral STL/BLKs make up for his lack of minutes and lack of scoring. Thoughts?
  6. It's the 4 game week the following week that is intriguing, but most likely also a death trap..... no way he gets up to 25-30 minutes this early on and even if he does, Giles / Len are playing well enough right now. Why we continue to hold onto him is beyond case scenario for fantasy GMs was shutting him down rest of year but nope, we continue to get strung along like there is any meaning to all of this.
  7. 1.5 weeks to go before Playoffs and I'm already regretting dropping Juancho for him.... ughhh
  8. Good reminder, managed to snatch him up in a league w/ an easy matchup for James Johnson..... Now only if both Marky Mark and Holmes can come back to full strength for Week 22 I might be looking at a championship!!!
  9. How is everyone still so upbeat????? After this current week it's a crappy 2-game week for SAC next week.... even if you manage to pick up Holmes w/ minutes restrictions for next week what good is that?? It's time to look at plan B / C if you haven't already.
  10. Thinking of dropping Holmes for Giles. What a turn of events for SAC holders.
  11. I dropped Grant for Giles and his 4 games this week...... if he has a monster week I might be able to hit 1st for Most Points (Pts league) and then drop Giles for Capela in the Final Week!!!!!!!!
  12. Things have changed now. I'm 200 points back for a small regular season prize (even money back), and I'm projected to be 150 points back after this week's matchup. Things might change again by Friday depending on who under/over-achieves but this just adds another layer of risk analysis..... Do I go for money back by winning the last two weeks and floor contributions or do I gamble for the stars and pray for a long playoff run w/ Capela........
  13. I know the immediate thought is to pick him up since it's an 18-teamer, but there is no IR and 4 teams have already dropped out meaning only 14 teams are left trying. Of the 14, only the top 8 proceed to Playoffs and I'm 80% sure I've got the 8th seed locked up. In case of a Tie Break I have a good Points For lead on the lower seeds. Here are the scenarios running thru my head: Downside: If I pick up Capela, I'm stashing yet another black hole to my roster w/ Barton already injured...... -->That means my chances of winning Week 19 / 20 will be even tougher with one less active player -->I'll likely finish in 8th unless I luck out and finish 6th/7th (I guess it depends on my opponents & their injuries as well) -->The guy I am likely dropping is Nunn, Grant, Theis, or Barton (IR). All comparable players at this point (factoring Capela injury) Upside: Capela's back in 3 weeks playing 20+ minutes and leads me to a first round upset....... how likely or unlikely is this to happen considering his minutes limit and ATL having nothing to play for?? To be a useful end of bench player I am only looking for a floor of 10pts/10reb/2blk in 20 minutes. That equates to 28 Fantasy Points in my league which is Top-100 Value. Anything else is gravy on top. What do you guys think????
  14. Stocks are 3 points each, is that why you picked JJ? Also with the Minny youth movement going on do you think they need to play an old dude like JJ?? Okogie also free