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  1. I'd take Dak over Matt Stafford ROS as well. Amari Cooper will boost Dak's fantasy value more than people think.
  2. Why are people sleeping on Dak moving forward? Let's compare Deshaun Watson Watson = currently QB13, with injuries ROS = 29th easiest schedule https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/players/deshaun-watson.php ------------------------------------- Dak = currently QB16, never played with Cooper, now has Cooper ROS ROS = 2nd easiest schedule https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/players/dak-prescott.php Dak >>> Watson ROS, quite easily. Given Dak is 100%, has a legit WR now, and a MUCH easier schedule remaining.
  3. Because Matt Nagy comes from the Andy Reid tree. Those guys will ALWAYS be Pass-first coaches. You can't change them, ever.
  4. With the addition of Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott >>> guys like Matt Stafford and Deshaun Watson
  5. But the Chiefs were an easy matchup this past week....he fell flat on his face. That's the problem - I couldn't trust him any more.
  6. Did I give up too much for Howard? I don't see Boyd as a WR2, more of a WR3. With a really low floor.
  7. Shipped him out. Concerned about his really low floor. 27, 62, and 44 yards last 3 weeks. Pure possession receiver who lacks speed. His best days are behind him imo
  8. Sanders > Evans I wouldn't trade Sanders for Evans, let alone Sanders AND Mack
  9. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying Mack will not outproduce Zeke because of Cooper. I'm agreeing with u
  10. Not after the Amari Cooper trade, he's not. Mack will put up RB1 numbers ROS I traded Zeke and Diggs for D Johnson, Mack, and OBJ (yeah I know cool story)
  11. Huh? He didn't play. In 3 games he's played (out of a total 4), he has posted 20+ fantasy points. Alshon will also play through the entire Fantasy Playoffs without having to worry about the Rams sitting their starters or reducing their workload. No brainer - Alshon >>> Cooks.
  12. What? In 3 out of 4 games, Jeffrey has 20+ points. The 1 game he didn't - Xavier Rhodes. Jeffrey is the 1b in that Eagles offense to Ertz' 1a Cooks might sit out games during the Fantasy playoffs. Not Jeffrey.