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  1. Ranked 6th overall on the year according to BasketballMonster, when punting TO's & FT%, which I'm doing with my team. Not bad for a player who dropped to the back end of the 1st round. I knew what I was signing up for, but he's been helping my team in the other 7 categories. Enjoy his stellar play! 24 assists is amazing!
  2. Antonio Blakeney, if you need triples like my team does.
  3. He put in work over the summer. Any Home Team Hoops and Rico Hines fans will know what I mean. I just picked him up, he can out up points in a hurry. With Payne being as mediocre as he is, I believe Hoidberg will give Blakeney more run.
  4. Virtually nothing else besides scoring, never developed the way I hoped he would. Still has a good role as a 6 man on a tanking team though.
  5. Markieff Morris & Derrick Favors. 2 C's ranked within the top 150 in Yahoo leagues heading into the year, and are coming back from injuries. Grab them before their ownership climbs up again, or buy low if you can. Morris will give you a solid amount of treys and stocks for a big, and Favors will give you solid FG%, Reb's, and blocks. I think they will both finish within the top 100 ROS. Both are deserving of bench spots in 12 team leagues and above, maybe even some 10 team leagues depending on your team's build. In my Roto league, I'm trailing in Reb's and Pts, and I know that I'll get around 10 points and 7 Reb's from them each night, and that is valuable.
  6. This. Wall has a low efficiency rate; he has mediocre percentages and high TO rate. The popcorn stats are definitely nice, but his low efficiency hurts owners in Roto leagues like mine. I've been pleased with how Bledsoe has player, besides a couple duds. He is ranked 30th in Roto leagues on Yahoo right now due to his "jack of all trades" game, like Tom said. I got him at 4.45, and he has brought my team top 30 value. Wall, on the other hand, is ranked #46, because of what I said above. Every build is different. If you're in a Points league where percentages are worthless, Wall is your man, but in Roto leagues like mine, Bledsoe is your guy.
  7. Yeah, I just picked him up. Honestly, he's a boring player to own, but 10/8/1.5 doesn't grow on trees for C's less than 50% owned. He's even beginning to hit 3's now. I think if he gets 25 MPG, he should be a top 100 player ROS. Rosterable in 12 team Roto leagues like mine for sure, due to the steady rebounds, blocks, high FG% and low TO's. His FT% is decent enough to where he won't hurt you, and if he can hit a 3 every now and then like he's been doing, his value will increase even more.
  8. Me too. A lot of owners dropped him over the past couple of days, all for a concussion. Dude was balling before he went down, he only missed 1 game, and his off game was due to illness. I see him having top 75-100 value ROS, as a stretch 5 who can give you a little bit of everything, and won't hurt you in any 1 area. Players with value like that should at least warrant a bench spot in every league. .
  9. Terrence Ross. Only 4% owned in Yahoo leagues, averaging 3.0 three’s on 15 PPG in the past week. It seems like he has a role in Orlando that allows these numbers to be at least somewhat sustainable. I’m streaming him for now in my 12 team league, I need the 3’s and points.
  10. @jmoney23 you posted in the 2017 thread, but I believe that your opinions about Ross could be true as well. The volume is there, and he may run hot and cold, but the upside is encouraging. Only 4% owned in Yahoo leagues, averaging 3.0 three’s on 15 PPG in the past week. I’m streaming him in my 12 team league for now, but I feel like maybe these numbers are sustainable, though the 3’s may fluctuate due to his hot and cold nature. He’s also averaging nearly 1.5 steals a game, signifying his value as a defender as well. Thoughts everyone?
  11. 2 blocks and 4 rebounds at the half. Not much else.. But 12 minutes is pretty good.
  12. 2nd most added player on Yahoo so far today behind Pascal Siakam (who I already added). I think he'll become the #1 option now that Lue is out as coach, and that Love is out for a while. I dropped Wesley Matthews for him. I believe Hood's usage will be high while Love is out, which means he'll have added upside to put up nights like he did against the Hawks. He'll have dud nights every now and then, but I think 17/3/2 with 2-3 3's a game is a reasonable stat line while Love is out. The FG% won't be pretty, but I'll take 17 points and 2-3 3's a night any day of the week. His FT% is high, and his TO's are low, which adds to his value. I think he'll hold top 75-100 value while Love is out. He's currently ranked 90th in Roto leagues on Yahoo right now. Hopefully he is unleashed in the youth movement in Cleveland, but we shall see.
  13. I added Rodney Hood actually, because I didn't take into account that Wiggins will be coming back from injury. With Love out for an extended period of time, there won't be much competition for shots in Cleveland.