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  1. Espn adjusted the draft adps the day of my draft. At one time he was close to 100 yet when i drafted him it was close to 50 :/. Hadn't been a problem until now. But i felt like he was a nice albeit a reach pick up at 51
  2. Ian Mahanmi is coming back too... This is could start to looking bad
  3. I dont think the owner would even bite on that to be honest
  4. I would. Maybe he’d bite with that but I just don’t see him trying to sell with all of them playing so well
  5. There’s no chance this goes through. Kemba side though
  6. 12 man 8 cat roto league one of the leaders in rebounds but i need 3s and assists!! Anyone truly believe Knox is gonna be a game changer this season
  7. League amount? Roster? Type of league? Lol... depending on the league amount and what your team needs, could be beneficial
  8. lmao I hear that. As long as he keeps doing what he does I don't care what he looks like
  9. Anyone notice that he's just been looking exhausted while playing lately?
  10. I refuse to continue this add/drop dance with you Slo-Mo...
  11. On 11:11 Our Lord and Savior Josh Gordon saved our ( mine specifically) fantasy week!!
  12. I'd tried to move turner if its possible. Sabonis is going to create a 50/50 timeshare soon enough if it isn't already happening.
  13. Damn that dipo owner knows what he's doing. I would've put from your side though in the initial proposition
  14. Going further do you believe this is worth entertaining?