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  1. Jags are absolutely dreadful against the run. Think you roll with him unless you have an elite alternative.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/fishsports/status/1208581497063690240
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/fishsports/status/1208581497063690240
  4. Here comes the shootout...these secondaries are both in terrible shape.
  5. Giants secondary was already one of the league's worst and they just cut their best CB. Think ya gotta roll with him, particularly considering that the Dolphins defense can't stop anyone. Could be in for a serious shootout.
  6. Made the opposite choice myself. Could absolutely go either way, but the Dolphins already pitiful secondary has been further decimated with injuries. With Needham on Shepard and Wiltz on Tate there's basically no one left for Slayton except for a slew of last-minute CB signings.
  7. Definitely no way one can bench him in H2H. My personal thoughts are more from a DFS perspective (i.e. Hopkins or Godwin?). Regardless, I'm interested if Slay caps his upside a bit. Maybe more of a 7-100-1 game versus a 10-180-2 blowup spot.
  8. Concerns about Darius Slay? Apparently he's been known to shadow wide receivers even into the slot. Doesn't necessarily make it a bad matchup for Godwin but perhaps just another thing to consider.
  9. It was an assumption by ESPN based on shadow duties he's had earlier in the season.
  10. Agree that Evans isn't necessarily a bad play. Apparently he is likely to be shadowed by Pierre Desir, who hasn't been very good. Though if you're one to think Winston will find the path of least resistance and exploit it mercilessly, then that path would seem to lead to Godwin this week.
  11. Colts elite slot corner, Kenny Moore, ruled out for Sunday. Could mean a big game for Godwin.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/Tim_McManus/status/1200948050669256707
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/Tim_McManus/status/1200948050669256707
  14. Started the Bears Defense against an undrafted rookie getting his first start on a short week. I have no words for fantasy football at this point.
  15. Think I'm still starting him in DFS. The matchup is just too good and it's still possible the Packers limit snaps for MVS/Allison or use one of them in more of a backup role. In fact, their injuries make for a good "excuse" for their LaFleur to roll with Lazard after admitting that he should have gotten him more involved earlier. Quote from LaFleur: So I’m excited to see him put together back-to-back-to-back (games), and see where it goes.
  16. Both MVS and Allison announced as ACTIVE.
  17. This could indeed be a better matchup than people are assuming. While the Bears are elite run stoppers they're only middle-of-the-pack when it comes to slowing fantasy RBs. Why? Indeed it's the passing game, as the poster above alluded to. The Bears give up the second most receptions per game (7.4) to running backs and the fourth most yards (58.6). Targets? The highest in the league at 9.8 per game. This all makes sense, given their stifling defense and pass rush. A lot of checkdowns and screen passes are needed to deal with them. Coincidentally, Murray just had a screen pass TD called back due to penalty last week. And fortuitously, Bridgwater happens to be a more conservative QB, who won't mind checking the ball down several times a game. Murray may get a boost in the running game with Hicks out, but it may be through the air that he does most of his damage. Could be a sneaky game of something like 11 carries for 40 yards. 8 receptions for 60 yards with either a rushing or receiving TD.
  18. Cowboy fan here. I actually think he could be a sneaky good play this week, depending on what kind of league we're talking. Tavon Austin and Cedrick Wilson are more like slot guys who can fill in for Cobb and also return punts. Smith seems the more natural fill-in for Amari Cooper on the perimeter, just like he filled in for Gallup when he went down. And while the Eagles have been solid against slot receivers this year they're getting burned on the outside. Combine that with the fact that the secondary will likely focus on Gallup and you could have a deep deep sleeper in Devin Smith, and all he needs is one 50 yard bomb TD to be relevant.