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  1. 13 player 10 team 9 cat is Dario a drop? Current team: Westbrook Oladipo j. Lin Derozan Lavine Kuzma Covington Justin Holiday Wes Matthews Capella Deansre Jordan Valanciunas Dario Saric IL Kevin Love
  2. Should I try trading my derozan for booker? Threes would be nice lol
  3. I currently have Saric who has been horrible to start the season and I’m eyeing Marcus Morrishe is currently FA... should I pull the trigger?
  4. Should I drop JV for z Collins? I could use some extra blocks and the percentages are better only thing is less points and rebounds... my team: derozan hart oladipo westbrook mcrguder lavine osman covington kuzma capella jordan jv saric 10 team 9cat
  5. Also thinking of filling the empty spot with Z Collins because I need Blocks
  6. 9 cat 10 team One IR currently have Porzingis as my IR. My plan is to make the trade move love to IR and drop Porzingis and pick up Larry nance (currently on WW and I have #1 waiver). What do you guys think?
  7. Looking great out there and the team seems to be trusting him (he closed the game tn). Considering dropping JV or Saric for him because I need blocks ?
  8. Drop Jv for Nance? JV being an up and down player I feel like Nance will have a more consistent role. What do you guys think? 10 team 9cat Oladipo Westbrook Hart Lavine Derozan Mcgruder Osman Kuzma Lord Roco Capella JV Saric Deandre Jordan
  9. I have JV and Kuzma And want to trade both for Ingles and pick up Larry nance (he’s on waiver wire and I have #1 waiver) is this a good deal? Which side seems more favourable? BTW it’s a 10 team 9 Cat My team: westbrook oladipo derozan hart lavine Mcgruder Roco Kuzma Osman Saric Valanciunas Capella Jordan IR: porzingod
  10. 10 team 9 cat larry nance also on WW currebtly have #1waiver
  11. I would keep J Rich and Trezz both are better for 10cat.
  12. He is a beast if he gets minutes and that’s a big IF. he is a great short term pick up and Kyle Anderson is easily droppable and should be a FA already.