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  1. I can’t believe I traded Carson & Michel for Fournette around week 13 after Michel for Fournette was vetoed because apparently my team was too OP after it. I hate my league, I hate fantasy football, and I hate myself for making a stupid trade.
  2. Wait how did you lose. That’s terrible I feel that one.
  3. Finished first place in my league with the best record, one of the highest scoring teams lose this week to the top scoring team by 5 points, kicker put up a dud, Aaron Jones left the game with a dud. I was deemed a favourite by the rest of the league, “stacked.” I can’t believe I lost honestly, Todd Gurley is a cheat code leads bad managers to winning the league. I’m contemplating quitting fantasy football. Lost Sanders to an injury before the playoffs. This is just terrible.
  4. I need 13 points from a DB on Carolina (all the ones on NO are off waivers), I think Saints will throw a lot. I currently have Donte Jackson hoping that he trails Thomas & they throw a lot hopefully he gets tackles & has a big game in front of his hometown. Sacks are worth 2, tackles are worth one, INT’s are worth 2, TDS are worth 6, you get the jist. I need lots of hope, what should I do?
  5. I think you pull it off. If I were to put it into a percentage 40% chance.
  6. Not to say he cost me some good money but he cost me some good money. I know he got injured but like super unfortunate.
  7. I need a 12 point game from a DB tomorrow, I’m down by 11.6 and he has no one I have one DB spot left. I feel like Donte Jackson might have a good game trailing Thomas, any suggestions? This is for all the marbles any help would be great for those that pay attention to this. I should add that INTs are 2 points, TDs are 6, tackles obviously are one point, and if they have 10 solo tackles they get an extra point. Therefore, I really need a DB that will put up 10 tackles, hopefully a pass defection or a big play somewhere. I know I’m really reaching here but I need something.
  8. Eagles, please stop this Rams drive then score another TD so the Rams have to pass.
  9. Let's not act like the Jaguars aren't a year removed from being a quarter away from the Super Bowl. Their defense is built nice, but the complimentary offense isn't there, which starts with a above average QB alongside a playmaker WR, which they don't have. Too many teams stack the box against Fournette especially with Kessler in.
  10. Fournette isn't enough to turn even this offense around. They need a new OC & QB.
  11. As a fantasy owner AB is useless now. Everyone's double teaming.