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  1. What about ranking for Fultz or DiVincenzo ROS
  2. What are we the chances he plays tomorrow 🧐
  3. he looks awesome practising, realistically would the Wizards keep him out if he was healthy?
  4. lost fox this week so I need to make up the assists. watching the injury he's going to miss some time and I cant afford holding
  5. Dropped for IT, can't hold another injured dude
  6. This is NOT what I needed after Teague has been out 4 straight with a goddamn cold.
  7. Fair enough, also agree. Who would you think is a good target then. Jimmy butler owner already laughed at me (and I included Rui)
  8. What are some good targets for a sell high? I was thinking Tatum would be fair, any others?
  9. Would you guys trade for PJ? Only 4 games but the mins and 0 defensive so far is concerning
  10. Where the HECK are the stocks. I needed a three steal night 😪
  11. Brutal court time last game with the amount he got the first game. What changed? Anyone watch?
  12. Lost Kerryon Johnson two days ago, Miko Rantanen today and Bagley today.....I feel your pain
  13. I grabbed Bjelicia, was nice start of last season. Perfect replacement until Bagleys back, should get starter mins.