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  1. standard, 6 pt/td Assuming hunt is playing... I’ve got Chubb in the rb1 slot, but maybe browns play behind a lot this game. Hunt is established pass catcher and third down back. Duke Johnson is returning tomorrow. May take some from David Johnson. What do y’all think?
  2. Maybe add this in here too... we have a unanimous decision to go Johnson over Gurley. What if it were David Johnson vs. Kareem hunt? i feel like the browns will mostly be playing from behind in this one so they may use a pass catching back in hunt. I also have Chubb starting. Duke Johnson will be returning from an ankle injury tomorrow so may take some from David Johnson.
  3. I definitely agree with above, Thomas will get his, he’s consistently a top 10 wr so in keeper, Thomas is far too valuable.
  4. I don’t think Renfrow, Boyd, or Thielen are bad options. Thielen has a safe floor with potential for upside so I might would play him over renfrow because of the sample size. Boyd same argument, Thielen has a higher, safer floor because cinci may not be able to move the ball tomorrow. Thanks for mine.
  5. standard league, 6 pt. Tds so dilemma #1: Flex David Johnson or Todd Gurley dilemma #2: Michael Thomas is out, Ridley is questionable so I picked up a wr just in case. Currently, I have Ridley (until report in the morning), Evans, and Renfrow in lineup. It’s between Renfrow and Marquise Brown. Help please?
  6. I need Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, and Harrison Butker to keep it under 46.... I don’t like my chances, Lamar Jackson is going to score those by himself the way my luck has been so far.
  7. If anyone else has any input that’s be great. I’m leaning hunt, I’m looking for a safe play. I don’t expect a Chubb/hunt feast like we saw last week, but I played J. Rob on Thursday so I’m ahead going into this week and I’m 0-2.
  8. I will vote opposite this thread so far and bench woods myself. I think he will be shut down. Thanks for mine.
  9. Standard scoring 6pts./TD Maybe I’m overthinking, but I keep seeing Gurley did not break a single tackle last week and no receiving work either. I have Chubb in the rb1 slot, but I’m struggling between Gurley and Hunt for flex.
  10. I have never preferred to trade rb for wr because wrs are a whole lot easier to come by so idk that I would trade. Thanks for mine.
  11. I would not do trade 3. I have mixon and I don’t doubt he Improves, but I have hunt and Robinson too and definitely want to keep them. I like trade 1 because of the upgrade at 2 positions. Thanks for mine.
  12. Standard scoring, 6 pts/touchdown. should I flex Kareem hunt @home vs Washington or Todd Gurley @home vs Chicago? whir.
  13. Hines will be used. I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before, but Fitzpatrick took the field and was quickly the #1 ww add. Just a few weeks go by and he showed how inconsistent he could be. In other words, you never know that he’ll be able to make plays without turning it over so the opportunity is better with Hines In Indianapolis. Thanks for mine.
  14. I am in a 6 team keeper league. My current team is Matt Ryan, Chubb, Eckler, James Robinson, Michael thomas, Calvin Ridley, mike Evans, Darren Waller, David Johnson, Todd gurley, mostert, and Kareem hunt. Some of these guys are on the bench. the offer: His desean Watson, Justin tucker, and Keenan Allen for my Calvin Ridley.