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  1. can't wait for him to ball out in 3 games 😎
  2. This dude is 7th on average in 9cat. What an amazing steal for those who drafted him late, I'm jealous.
  3. If this is the Lonzo we get ROS, ohhh boy.
  4. The fact that he’s only played 5 games out of like 40 is a disappointment in itself.
  5. LOL @ this joke of a blurb by rotoworld. You mean to tell me someone ranked 12th in 9cat is worth rostering? Damn I was thinking about dropping him. Had Drummond not fouled out, he likely would have hit the 20-rebound mark. The NBA’s leader in rebounding, Drummond has grabbed 18 or more in 14 games this season. While those who have him rostered will have to punt free throw percentage, he remains a top-50 player who should be rostered in all leagues.
  6. Or those who dropped him and picked him up right before his 3 game streak
  7. This injury is a godsend for Nance holders with an IL. It means 1-2 more weeks of a possible trade of TT/Love that we don't have to play him for, instead we can stream the spot.
  8. coming off the bench, will probably play ~24 minutes
  9. Any GM who doesn't know what Love is by now needs to be fired.
  10. Come on Drumbo get that 40/20 game! Show us who the real AD is!
  11. Sounds like you're not biased at all. I'm sure Walton isn't getting pressured to play Bagley full minutes when healthy since Luka is showing out right now.
  12. OH man in a week I'm gonna be dominayton everyone