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  1. What does Simmons have to do with this?
  2. Hope he sits on Tuesday and plays Saturday. We'll get that INJ tag and can stream wed,thurs,fri.
  3. Of course he gets into foul trouble when I pick him up even though he's been fine for a while now.
  4. Is he a pickup since LaVine is injured?
  5. I traded him for Nance, the guy dropped him, and I then picked him up
  6. I mean he's only had 1 bad game in the past month.
  7. Harden would beat the fuark out of Murray, he got that old man strength
  8. I'll settle for a consistent 28-30 minutes. Please.
  9. I declined Tatum & Middleton for my Drummond in early December :)
  10. Hasn't gotten any better since last season
  11. I hope this is for real, but sometimes coaching decisions just baffle me. I'll be stoked if he gets 30+ mins ROS.
  12. It's been over 2 weeks since he's come back and still no increase in minutes.