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  1. I’d say 10-15 but may not get him. I expect him to have around Robinson production so unless you want to package him in a sea to upgrade I might just sit this one out
  2. Thanks. I was leaning pollard and now may just go Hines. Dion is too short term for me. should I change title to Hines it pollard lol?
  3. Deebo we haven’t seen it yet and after two weeks missing I don’t know when we can expect back. Even when he is back it probably won’t be good for a couple weeks after that. I like gallop.
  4. I wouldn’t. I have faith in fant and I like the depth you have. For bye week just stream the one week. If your heart still pushes I’d do Hines but he may bounce back and you’d kick yourself.
  5. Davis has the backfield. Freeman wants to be bell cow but I see gallman and Dion getting more snaps than anyone would with Davis. Let Davis have a big week due to volume and flip him for a long term solution.
  6. Don’t drop Ingram. Fournette is close in potential but could become a nightmare. Ingram has one bad week
  7. I’d go for both but I’d go henderson then Davis for the long term benefit.
  8. Edelman. He got dinged up a bit with all that usage. Use your rbs. Even in rough match up the opportunities will be there.
  9. If you can get Cmc with Jonny and Thompson or Lindsay for cmc. Dooooo it. id do that was all except your first two rbs help mine?
  10. I’d go for it. It’s a matter of time for Connor to go down. I don’t expect cmc to be his same self when her returns for a bit. I expect a Kamara and Barkley middling like they did last year after returning. I’d still take that as he gets back to norma at the second half and playoffs. thanks for helping mine.
  11. Dion Lewis or Nyheim Hines in PPR. Curve ball Pollard was just dropped.
  12. Who benefits from more of these targets now. Hines or Pittman?
  13. I’m asking bc if he is declared out I can put him in ir and use the spot for a pick up before waiver lock. Great way to stay ahead if streaming dst, qb, or Te. It’s dst streaming for me