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  1. 7-4 and there is right at 6 way tie with 4 spots in playoffs. Waiting is Exactly what I’d prefer but since opponent has so many Mon- Tues players don’t see that I can.
  2. Thanks! Trade is over. I saw the injuries and think they also. It’s happened super early in those games. Have been leaning on him. Figured AJ brown has too much upside and even though Woods has been playing second fiddle in targets and had a poor QB throwing to him Id kick myself seeing him blow up for someone else. Diontae had been lights out when stays on field. Feels like he has taken over the old AB role over there and has crazy targets that’d help PPR when someone like woods can be quiet for too long in games.
  3. QB Hebert. Got lucky on waivers after Cam Newton screwed me over royally. TE Jonnu. Had Hayden Hurt but picked up Jonnu and dropped Hurt at the exact time Jonnu started crapping the bed and Hurst blew up. Jonnu has been pretty TD dependent. love your idea of waiting it out. Checked opponents schedule and they have 4 players that play Mon-Tues so I don’t think I’ll have that luxury. trade deadline is over. I picked up Carson and Thomas right before deadline. Had Taylor who screwed me too many times and traded someone after Taylor had big game, had Carson down, was hit by byes badly and was able to get Carson. Thomas picked up after the Mike Evan’s blow up games and started regretting this until he showed he can still be viable once Taysom came in.
  4. 12 team league. Team that dropped D Johnson chases after every shiny WW prospect and made a dumb choice. Not a joke. So I drop Woods, Diontae or AJ?
  5. If Julio doesn’t play and you have bench space put Fitz in for the week help mine deciding to cut Robert Woods, Diontae Johnson or AJ Brown unfortunately for ROS
  6. Grab snell or bill. I have zero confidence in Taylor. You have to play it safe unfortunately and bench all pit. help me...
  7. Monty for the week and mostert for the ros
  8. He highlighted goedert and I agree help mine
  9. With TB having eyes for AB aI lean towards him. Super close
  10. Pope and borderline bridgewater. I usually never hold two qbs thsnks for your help over on mine.
  11. I like snell more but I like Hills match up. If Julio is out it will be even better.
  12. Step 1: pick CMC, Ekeler and Thomas with first 3 picks Step 2: have the worst luck ever playing people who have their best week of the year when you play them. I have by far the most points scored, but have 300 more points scored against me than other teams. Super crazy to have second most points scored for the week repeatedly and still losing multiple times. im I’m a four way tie with team 3-6 and the other teams play cake walks through ROS.
  13. I rolled the dice, dropped my kicker to pick up Diontae Johnson on waivers Help me pick who I cut to make a spot for kicker. This is disgusting but I’m on verge of missing the playoffs pick one to drop RBs: CMC, Hunt, Ekeler, Robinson, Sanders, Carson WR: Thomas, Ridley, McLaurin, AJ Brown, Woods, Diontae Johnson repeat, this is disgusting and have to win out just to get in