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  1. Mack is a 100% start vs Carolina, cannot sit Kamara either. If you were to play AP it would have to be in place of Conner. I actually like Wash over AP so for me it would be between Conner and Wash for the third spot. That is tough but i think i give a very slight nod to Conner. I wouldn't blame you for going with Washington.
  2. Stand pat there, no getting cute. Sanders will have a heavy workload,
  3. I'd be comfortable playing Lewis over Hollister as well.
  4. Im going against what seems to be popular opinion here. I think they have very similar ceilings but i would say Lockett will have a substantially better floor today. Wilson mad it a point to get him the ball last week. Don't let his dud games from a few weeks ago scare you.
  5. it appears so unless this is a keeper league of some kind. If not i would have only active players on my bench. Maybe even stack a bunch of DSTs? There is no reason to have inactive players there even if they are big names,
  6. I'd actually be comfortable playing Boone here unless we find out Mattison is a go, It's time to take a few shots at those high ceilings.
  7. I'm AJ Brown all day here. I wouldn't be surprised if the Vikings take it slow with Thielan just to get him going 100% for the playoffs. Id bet money Brown beats him in snap and target % this weekend.
  8. I have similar fears with Jones this week. I think he has a very low floor for several reasons. That said, I don/t like playing Sheppard or Miller over him. No way does Jones plummet that far in my ranks,
  9. I would feel very strongly about playing sanders here. Have to resist the shiny new toy sometimes.
  10. Mack is very tempting this week with his match up and likely game script. I see him getting 20ish touches against a very bad run stop. His floor makes him a very safe play.
  11. Mack vs Carolina Aaron Jones vs Minnesota Miles Sanders vs Dallas I've been struggling with this one,
  12. 100% Winston. Super high ceiling. While his boneheaded plays can be frustrating to watch he is the best at masking it with big plays, Not to mention, he started a little shaky against ATL last week but he settled in and had what i think was one of his best games of the year.
  13. damn im tired, im sorry i read winston in your first sentence. I like Winston haha
  14. At 7-5 and in need of urgent wins I might just drop the player with the least usage at the moment. It hurts because Murray is a great cuff but you are in a week to week situation. Right now Bo and RoJo give you the most usage and chances at getting w's. If you find it too hard to let go of Murray and it came down to Bo and RoJo the PPR setting actually matters here quite a bit. It doesn't appear that Bo will be used much if at all in the passing game. Standard I probably go with Bo, PPR i may just lean RoJo. It's that close,
  15. I would strongly consider the Cohen drop unless you are relying on his ppr floor (It does not appear that you are post bye weeks). Guice or Matt could be league winner types if their roles improve come end of season.
  16. If you think Aaron Jones is a distressed asset, then you missed your opportunity to sell him. Coming off a terrible game and with a favorable schedule going forward I would hold AJ. I might add that because you have Chubb and Fournette you should not be desperate to move a high ceiling player like Jones. Yes his floor is a tad unstable, and he is in a timeshare(who isn't?) but the way he can blow up against zone coverage in the passing game he could very well win you match ups come playoff time. You have a winning roster and I don't see how you are not a top 2 team. That said, there is a price for everything but a deal you cant refuse for AJ coming off a bad game seems unlikely.
  17. $100 ESPN keeper league 12 teams 5 keepers, no limits 28 man roster 3 dl spots H2H Points very basic settings, all will be discussed and finalized before we draft draft will start asap slow draft group me leaguesafe Any questions come join our groupme chat linked below, ' Not holding any spots, we are ready to get the draft going, If interested come join the groupme and I will link you to leaguesafe from there, Once paid i will invite you to join the league.
  18. Have 9 committed, looking to add 3 more. If interested join the groupme chat and I will answer any questions there.