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  1. Thought so. Just had to check if I am missing something. Thanks!
  2. It’s a tough one for sure. Definitely considerable, but definitely not worth it at the moment. Mitchell offer is tempting cause of him. I’d maybe risk it for longer term success. Thanks for your reply !
  3. So I got a trade offer here. My D’Angelo for his JJ Redick and Terry Rozier. It’s a 16 team 9 cat roto league. What do you think?
  4. If there is a chance to get Lillard go for it!
  5. Absolutely! Jokic’s stats does seem weird recently, but he is averaging almost triple-double and he is not even close his top form. Don’t hesitate even a bit.
  6. I need some 3s, Fgs and steals rather than rebounds. So who would you pick out of those? Vonleh, Mudiay, Crabbe, Mikal Bridges, Ish Smith?
  7. Was just offered Dragic and Draymond Green for my Griffin and Bogdanovic. What do you say? Is it even considerable? Or is it easy pass? It’s 16 team 11 cat roto league.
  8. So you’d rather pick him than the ones like Morris, Aminu, Trier, Galloway, Dedmon, Ennis? They are all on my WW. Still can’t post on AC. Sorry...
  9. Thought so. Just needed little push after those comments about his form. Thanks all!
  10. So you would pick him up if someone dropped him in 16 team league?
  11. Exactly same case here. Who would you drop for Teague out of those? Hood Dotson Forbes Ish Smith
  12. Guys registered to ask this. I have Isaiah in my team but thought he's gonna come back already. I got a trade proposal Bjelica from Kings for Isaiah. What do you think? Is it worth waiting for him or get Bjelica who has some decent start?