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  1. Mr Nance, take us to the promise land!
  2. Potential Parker in the 2nd unit at 25 min a game is too good to pass up
  3. Nuggets don't have to run Millsap to the ground so he should be getting around 20-24 min going forward. Decent at the end of the roster.
  4. If he can get back to 25 min a night with some minutes at PF then he looks good ROS
  5. zion ruined my plans, back to millsap perhaps...
  6. It seems like he would be rested for even an itch going forward.
  7. He's too inconsistent this year, probably drop city
  8. Looks like PJ is locked in at C for major minutes.
  9. Is he gonna be back for fantasy playoffs???
  10. @TimBontemps The Raptors say Norm Powell fractured his fourth metatarsal in his left hand. He is out indefinitely. Get well soon...
  11. OG not on injury report. The time to get off the Powell train might be now.