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  1. i picked him up off the wire when the news broke i have faith he can give us 15-5 with 2 threes and 1.2 steals post ASB he’s an all-star level talent who had his best season last year .. theyre gunna need him if they want to contend
  2. i thought u was a pimp tho? she belong to the game brodie
  3. he’s still on my wire, but it’s a 10 team so the wire is stacked
  4. ingram was a baller last year, he was just hindered by bron ball
  5. don’t forget randle, wagner, zubac to a lesser extent nance and clarkson and don’t be surprised if svi starts killin it in detroit soon
  6. their roster isn’t half bad tho .. but i can understand him wanting more i just think getting to the playoffs this year should be a priority and if they’re not at least a middle of the pack playoff team by next year then he can request a trade then its too early now
  7. do y’all realize that the wolves are only 2 games out the 8th seed????? he may have something to play for if the wolves remain in the playoff race.. a trade ain’t happenin this year so they need to throw him out there for now.
  8. i’d take towns 1 knowing how good he’s been this year .. AD only has blocks on him, that’s it hardens game is ugly and i prefer not to have him on my team tbh hating on kat for sitting out a week on an injury that most would take months off from is hilarious tho
  9. wow i thought i did bad by trading him but good lord
  10. you said covington > rubio it’s over for you brodie.
  11. when did you drop him? i dont think there was a time this season where he was droppable
  12. you rank covington over rubio thats all i needed to hear
  13. did you not read my entire post? i don’t care where he’s “ranked”.. rankings have ricky rubio at 83. do you value covington over rubio? lol you’ll find 12-5-1 with a couple threes or better on the waiver wire at least 4-5 times by years end.. stop valuing players based on rankings and watch as your fantasy profile rises.