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  1. The thing i really like about Elf's fantasy outlook is he can fulfill both short term relevance even in a more uneasy position of fewer minutes (18-20) as he is a per minute monster but at the same time provides upside in form of securing a range of 25 or so minutes which would make him a 12T lock. Kind of reminds me of Noel but in PG form.
  2. Is this just something they say or can we at least expect its not a major injury judging by "soreness"
  3. This guy has all the tools of the high upside big man that can potentially swing a league. a) He is an absolute stocks monster with good %'s (including FT). b) He has a history of producing even with lesser minutes. Noel has been a guy that has been fringe 12T value even as he has been getting 20 minutes. He is now closer to 25 as him and Adams are more of a timeshare c) The BIGGEST one. The person currently ahead of him is neither healthy nor in the long term plans of the franchise. Right now Adams is hurting his trade value performing while seemingly unhealthy. I would not be surprised to see the Thunder force a shutdown at some point in the season in order to get him right and healthy or avoid depressing his value further. I would be hard pressed for most teams in a 12T league to not be able to find one guy at the end of their bench that is not worth dropping for Noel.
  4. Impressive last couple of games after coming back from injury. Seems like his opportunity will be there all year and you would think Portland's offensive efficiency would go up. Do we think Melo will take away any of his value?
  5. I have Kenrich now and was thinking of dropping him for a streamer such as R. Hood or Cam Johnson. My rationale (even though I love Kenrich's fantasy game) is that Ingram is the closest to returning of all NOP injured players and I figure hes a like for like replacement of him. Do you think he gets minutes somewhere else even if Ingram returns and the others are still injured?
  6. A few names based on opportunity and games this week. N.Alexander-Walker - We have not heard anything about Lonzo or Hart progressing towards playing and NAW is carving out his role. Very good in the last two games. Pelicans also have 4 games including 3 on the low volume days which is important for this week. K.Williams - This guy does a bit of everything and offers Pelicans something that none of their other guards/forwards do. Same point above regarding schedule. R. Hood - Has gotten really hot since coming back from injury. Portland has a B2B Monday Tuesday so could be a good early week streamer but also play on a very low volume Thursday.
  7. NAW has a very smooth game. You can tell he is getting more comfortable and his defense is quite impressive. I do think with Lonzo being as injury prone as he is and Hart/Frank Jackson currently injured, this could be a nice stretch for the rookie to produce some value and also to solidify his confidence/role going forward closer to what we predicted in the preseason.
  8. Do we think Favors/Okafor are both out for tomorrow? Favors seems more likely given his injury arose tonight.
  9. Id add in Troy Brown Jr. He showed a couple flashes and not enough to own right now in 12T but he is a first round talent on a team that needs to start developing any young guys they have especially in 2nd half of the year.
  10. Doubtful but you should still hold until Turner comes back
  11. Hart has locked that down until now but I don't think he is so far above him impact wise that it can't change. Hart is also dealing with two separate injuries right now so we don't really know how long he is out for / if he is limited.
  12. This guy has such a fantasy friendly game. With how many injuries Pelicans have right now I think he is a 12T own until this rotation gets sorted out. Still has 2 more games this week after tonight too
  13. Good question. I just like Kenrich's game for fantasy more so I imagine if he does get the minutes then I would rather him.
  14. Kenrich Williams still has 3 more games this week and although Ingram may be returning for some of those, it is looking like Josh Hart and Lonzo will be sidelined as well. Between those injuries and with his positional versatility, I could definitely see minutes in the 25-30 range for the rest of this week.
  15. I was thinking about this but Hart looks to be missing sometime now along with Lonzo. I think even if Ingram comes back there is still value for Williams here as they will move one of Ingram or him downward to cover for the loss of Hart/Lonzo.