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  1. Burks had a very nice game with Philly when Simmons was last out with his back. Seems like with an expected couple weeks off for Simmons that Burks would become a very good pickup.
  2. *Phew. At the very least he is very close and the fact he practiced in full today following the all star break is great news.
  3. Does KAT being out longterm do anything for Juancho or was his value pretty much already solidified and thats that? Right now to me he feels like a fringe 12T guy but thinking if he gets any sort of boost through lineup maneuvering with KAT out he would be a sure fire 12T pickup.
  4. Is anyone a little concerned about the fact he has been dealing with Plantar Fascitis. That is a pretty nasty and lingering injury and I feel like Hawks would be the type of team to be extremely cautious with that injury and take their time on getting him back. I think he will be out well past the ASB or at very least his minutes will be monitored. It is making me consider Dedmon as a handcuff.
  5. Feel like Dedmon could be a very good short term streamer with potential to see how it works with Capela back. He has always been good for Hawks. I rate him around the level of Theis for instance as a end of bench big option.
  6. To me in a 12T yes. He has played really well in Millsap's absence and they may feel the need to "preserve" Millsap for playoffs more than they need to do for Grant. In addition to this, MPJ and Barton are injured right now as well as Plumlee. There are minutes to go around.
  7. How do we feel about Theis for this week. Came back from his injury and he was playing really well before that. 4 game week as well and the Celtics didn't end up picking up a big man in trade deadline which speaks to their confidence in Theis/Kanter.
  8. I think this guy's upside is probably one of the highest available on your waiver. I am dropping Bagley finally (what a bum) and partly due to how pissed I am I wanted the add I made with that drop to be a guy I actually believe in. I think he has a lot working for him. 1. He was always a very good per minute player early in season even when he was not getting more than 20 minutes. 2. The Wizards definitely will fall into the youth movement aspect of their season now as the playoff run (if there ever was one) fades away. 3. The T. Bryant injury will not go away and they have no incentive to play him too many minutes when he returns.
  9. I just think as they get closer to playoff stretch they will have to settle on their two veterans. I don't think they really trust Williams with much playtime in playoffs so think they will settle on their 2 man timeshare of Theis/Kanter.
  10. So he returned today with a very nice line and 30 minutes. He was playing like a 12T guy before his injury and we now know that the Celtics haven't added another big man through trade deadline. Seems like they are empowering him for a role in which case he is a very nice pickup.
  11. Yeah totally agree. If they truly are committing to the small ball movement and don't bring in a C then House has to maintain value. He is one of their 3 "bigger bodied" forwards who can swing into that 3/4 swing slot.
  12. Another guy biting the dust in a bid for Melton to increase his minutes to 25+.
  13. That is fair. I think they won't rush Winslow at all given its a back injury that has kept him out most of year and he is the main piece they got back in the trade.
  14. Wood is the clear winner. Feel most people on this forum already know that though. Melton is #2 for me. It is not as much that he has had THAT much opportunity opened up for him but he was a guy who already was doing so much with 18-20 minutes that even an increase to 25 mins for him is one of the biggest incremental shifts out of most of the waiver guys. Beasley/D.Lee are the next wave of guys for me. Both will have opportunity but I have some reservations on both. D. Lee was already getting heavy minutes in the lead up to deadline so not like we see much of an improvement there and Beasley's fantasy game is limited more or less to PTS/3PTs. Juancho is a wildcard that could be a big boost but it is also riskier as you are not sure how much time he will get as compared to JJ at this time.
  15. Fair. I don't think MPJ is much in the way of resistance to Grant's minutes anyway. Really he is their main 4 and is even soaking up backup 5 minutes with Plumlee out.