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  1. They're saying the 49ers losing might have saved lives because the celebration after their win would have spread the virus exponentially. It's an interesting hypothesis:
  2. Wow, no Devin Singletary love? He has RB1 upside next season.
  3. Hawks lost that game, awful time management.
  4. They must've thought they used a timeout.
  5. I will remember Kamara and Barkley shitting the bed most of the season until the last week when I was eliminated. #ScornedOwner.
  6. Last minute TD salvages their day fantasy day.
  7. Started the Eagles defense because they were a slam dunk against a weak Redskins offense.
  8. Matt Ryan @ 49ers or Jared Goff @ Cowboys Freeman or Waller (PPR)
  9. Fitz? Ryan? Goff? Fitz in windy weather? Ryan@SF Goff@Dallas All are really risky.
  10. Peterson for floor and Scott for ceiling. What do you need more of?
  11. I have Philly in now. I just feel safer with them.
  12. McCoy in the snow or Freeman vs San Fran? Thanks
  13. KC defense in the snow or Eagles@Washington? Both are good matchups.
  14. He's due for some positive regression, but I'm scared to start him.
  15. They all concern me especially if Fitz is without his receivers. But Ryan@SF? 😨