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  1. I’m praying this happens but I’m not sure it will.
  2. Well, I won’t be touching Denver’s back field now. Freeman is pretty much getting traded or cut I imagine. Bucs or Steelers need a RB. Gordon cost himself big time money. Has to feel so silly.
  3. I want 0 pieces of this rams offense depending on ADP, of course. Not a single player was consistent all year long.
  4. I can’t imagine anyone actually tradings or him unless They get a pick in the deal also. He’s washed. Bucs would be much better off signing Gordon in my opinion. 3/36
  5. Is the JE for Julian Edelman? 😉
  6. Those 3 guys combined have 1/3 of Brady’s Super Bowls. This is different man. This isn’t Arians getting a franchise QB or elite QB. This is the greatest player this game has ever seen blessing Tampa with his presence. I can assure you there will be adjustments in Arians scheme to benefit brady and the team. It’s not like his scheme has seen major success Anyways, he has one ring to show for it. 08 Steelers as the OC, and that was one of the best defenses of all time. Top 10 at least.
  7. I’m sure Arians won’t change his system for the greatest NFL player of all time. He obviously didnt change it for OJ Howard, so this must be true.
  8. Two points I wanna make here, 1. Brady gets the ball out so much quicker than Winston and isn’t going to take 40+ sacks. 2. That defense will finish top 10. Winston turned it over 30+ times leaving them in terrible situations, and when they did score it was big passes that took no time off the clock. Brady is going to do what he’s always done, methodical drives, kill the clock. Bucs defense will be much improved, especially after they sign Rhodes and Jenkins. Final prediction: Brady: 4376-37-11 Bucs go 12-4 as the first seed in the NFC.
  9. Sadly, his ADP will probably be through the roof. Just like Baker last year. Ima get down on the cardinals in madden though during this Quarantine no doubt 😎
  10. He won’t, he was a top 8 QB this year I believe.
  11. So is the guy who took him 4th round In our 12 team draft. I was so upset.
  12. Not toe mention how it affects our every day lives. I need to work to support my family, like everyone else here I imagine. I work in car sales, which could easily be shut down here shortly. People won’t be buying cars for a little bit here soon enough.