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  1. Coming into tonight he is shooting 46% and 78% from the field and line. This is a bit dramatic. Has he been on a cold streak? Yes. Will that more then likely even out next time he catches fire for a month straight? Also yes. It’s the ups and downs of the season. He’ll be fine.
  2. Phillies should try and snag him + a pitcher like Jon gray if they can.
  3. What if I told you he would do the same thing again? Would you take him 6th round?
  4. I didn’t wanna quote your entire post, but DJ May definitely be one of those guys everyone writes off that still just crushes his ADP. Plus he plays almost the whole infield which is a huge +
  5. I think last year will be the norm. His ADP has corrected a bit tho at least. I’d buy him while he’s cole this year and sell when he gets hot.
  6. I’d like Soroka on every team. He’s so young and is expect a big leap. I like Vlad jr as a bounce back guy. We know he has the talent. Just has to put it all together.
  7. You like senzel? I’m a little nervous about him. He is like a good at everything great at nothing kind of player.
  8. If his ADP keeps coming up hard to argue with that. He could be Acuna, he could be vlad jr. I will say speed usually translate to the MLB better then raw power at such a young age.
  9. Who are you guys going all in on this year? Who are you avoiding?
  10. I really like this dude, might take a swing at the turn.
  11. I really like his ADP here. I feel like he burned enough people to slide to a great value now. I’ll bank on 120+ games in New York with that lineup.
  12. Y’all think this guy is that good? No one is concerned about him being so young?
  13. Yeah that’s what I thought, thank you. Lol at his ERA almost being lower than his WHIP
  14. Votto needs to take the rest of his career off. He’s washed.