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  1. Because I play fantasy football. Why are you here? Silly question.
  2. Yeah, because the NFL and baseball are so consistently watchable on their own.
  3. By getting people to watch sports. Same way the NFL is popular because marketers figured out its the only way to get people to watch 5 minutes of commercials for 5 minutes of programming. Lol
  4. Not if it doesn't get promoted they won't. Same reason the NFL gets shoved down the entire country's throats.
  5. Huh. So you're saying, hold on now. You're saying that promoting women's sports might actually get more people watching women's sports? Revolutionary.
  6. Yeah, I wish marketers would learn that marketing just doesn't work. People already want what they are going to want, and there's no way that marketing will get people to want new things. Stupid marketers.
  7. Always fear Foles off waivers. Dead last place team a bunch of years ago is playing against me as I try to fight my way out of a bad season. He grabbed Foles five min before gametime when the owner came back from taking a couple weeks off and realized his QB was on a bye. My struggling team has its best game of the season. Foles throws 7 tds.
  8. He got me my wr3 points I was more or less expecting in 1/2ppr.
  9. You don't see how a post describing how he was used, game flow, and how someone ran as helpful to evaluating player performance?
  10. Not doubting you. But how would someone favor their ribs while sprinting?
  11. I'm the Hunt and Newton owner, set scoring records, playing against the DJ owner for the ship in one league. Newton was one of the top QBs for most of the season. If you didn't grab a backup, then yeah, you're screwed. But 'bust'? Hardly, man. Wilson in that league is one spot below Newton in scoring. You might have paid more for Wilson after last year, but he scored a bunch of points. 2-3-4 TDs most games, iirc. DJ is the tenth scoring RB in that league (1/2 ppr). Hunt was near the top until he got canned. So again, if you didn't have a backup, you're hosed. But he also did a lot to get you a massive winning record before then.
  12. One way to see it is not points for the sake of points, but points for the sake of the same stats that players get evaluated on Guy goes up for a new contract, they want to know about yards and tds, but also catches (and carries, my keeper league gives fractional points for those). Heck, if the league formally tracked them, I'd have a stat category for skill position players throwing blocks And I'd take away points for penalties against players. You score a TD but get an unsportsmanlike? +6, then -2. But as you say...