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  1. He’s a joy to watch as well. Should’ve bought into the hype and looking really stupid not drafting in the 2nd-early 3rd rounds in all my drafts. Tried trading PG for him and got rejected and rightfully so 😂
  2. Its Bogdan not Brogdon so unfortunately the value isn’t all that close. I’d be inclined to veto as well as Ja isn’t even a good fantasy player 9cat wise currently. edit: didnt notice it’s a points league which I have no experience of. Would think Booker is a bigger fantasy stud in that setting though.
  3. Just read the recent blurb and looks like you’re right. Minutes will be monitored but should get better as the season progresses. If he’s killing it for us now while having minutes restrictions, Im excited for what’s to come.
  4. I tried trading for Doncic but owner is super high on Luka but I’m fine sticking with PG. Won’t he be load managed like Kawhi? Hoping that won’t happen as much.
  5. Wow im sorry. If you cant trade, have to drop with 2 IL and 2 dead roster spots or else you won’t even make the playoffs. Id try to package Otto with one of Ayton/Collins for a healthy and playing player right now.
  6. And he did all that in 20mins. Oh my. My roto team is looking really dangerous now 😂
  7. Depends on the trade. I rarely veto, but if a trade just doesn’t make sense, (team composition wise, other owner is injury plagued, sell high buy low, etc) and is statistically one sided, then I do.
  8. You win that trade hands down so congratulations! But yeah, happy to see Siakam breaking out again, as long as I don’t face him that week haha
  9. Just traded Curry/Oubre/Forbes for RoCo/Jabari. Had to since I now have 4 INJ players and will just ride Jabari until Bagley and Turner returns for me. What a sad day
  10. Yep I had him ranked higher in my personal draft board as well at 8th and own him in 2/3 leagues. When the shots fall, its Damian Lillard level of amazing. He’s not exactly an inefficient scorer so should be worth it.
  11. Curry is biggest Fantasy bball bust. Took him first and all of us who have him are handicapped for the next 3-4months. Cant even sell and trade him; Dejounte Murray owner rejected my straight up offer 😂
  12. Wow you took that right? Im not as high on Siakam as that guy but he is balling out. I traded him for Beal right after his first 2 games and looking at TOR boxscores has been hard lol
  13. Was down 1-8, turnovers only winning cat with Curry Turner Bagley on my team. Opponent had a comfortable lead in all cats so he sat his players today. Lost 0-9 as a result as I got 15 turnovers today. Maaan what a week.
  14. Didn’t you draft and were hyping Zion as the 29ppg goat? 😅