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  1. Thanks for sharing man. Appreciate it
  2. Kinda regret using my last add for the week on Damion Lee now
  3. I see people talking about Lee having big minutes before the deadline.. while that is true, having 3 chuckers removed from the team means someone has to pick up their slack and score. He had minutes before, but now he'll have the minutes and should also be one of the main focal points on offense
  4. Did you just say James Johnson is going to back up Morant?
  5. Picked him up. Hopefully he gets the same amount of playing time as he did during Luka's previous injury. If so we're looking at some short term fantasy gold here boys
  6. Kinda want to grab him and drop Kevin "take 40 shots and make 3" Huerter
  7. Dont do it. He's like a mermaid, will lull you in with his random outbursts of fantasy production and then drown your expectations for consistency when Pop decides he'd like to watch Derrick White's a** run around for 30 minutes instead. #metoo
  8. Curious, how many teams are in your league and how many keepers can you pick for the following year?
  9. Another overhyped waiver wire add bites the dust. Who will sabotage my team next week? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z
  10. I was hoping someone would knock out a few more of Drummond's teeth
  11. I'm not watching but I saw his fantasy output.. foul trouble or just a bad game in general? Has to be one of his worst so far this year
  12. Anyone think he can average a double double ros? Considering grabbing him from the wire
  13. I think I speak for everyone when I say to stop adding players from the wire