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  1. Here we f'n go. I'd say we'll be lucky if he plays 2 games in a row
  2. Wtf espn! This IR screw up is killing me
  3. Yup. Was gonna pick up Naz Reid but it wont let me because I have an "ineligible" player on IR. Thanks espn
  4. Espn just changed him from out to day-to-day but I dont see an official update anywhere? What's up with this?
  5. *clears throat* Excuse me sir, this is the Naz Reid thread
  6. Agree with the guy above, a fully healthy Celtics squad wont exactly have loads of minutes/points to go around. Cool story warning but I cut to activate Steph. It was him or Shake and I'm not ready to step off the hype train just yet lol
  7. What's up with this guy's minutes? Is he just in a slump or what?
  8. Thanks for sharing man. Appreciate it
  9. Kinda regret using my last add for the week on Damion Lee now
  10. I see people talking about Lee having big minutes before the deadline.. while that is true, having 3 chuckers removed from the team means someone has to pick up their slack and score. He had minutes before, but now he'll have the minutes and should also be one of the main focal points on offense
  11. Did you just say James Johnson is going to back up Morant?