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  1. I'd also go Barnes. But pretty even if you ask me. Can't go wrong if it's between both, but if it's stability I'd say it's Barnes. Any help with my question would be greatly appreciated
  2. Idk I'd pass on that one pretty quick but that's just me unless there's some nice waiver pick ups to replace Shai. The 3 for 3 is a definite pass (feel like that one is just a name sake trade on Booker). Lauri is the question mark here but I think he'll turn it around sooner than later. I'd appreciate any feedback you have for my trade.
  3. I'd take it, especially if you're deep on depth.
  4. I wouldn't do that. Capela is already a dbldbl machine. Ayton is a question mark. The question now you think "Lonzo is significantly better than Favors?" *shrug*
  5. Forgot to add my roster PG: Trae, Rose, Burks,Schroeder, Dinwiddie SG: Butler, Hardaway SF: Middleton, Isaacs, Ingram PF: RHJ, Nance C : Bertans, Harrell, Capella
  6. Hi all, Kind of new here, appreciate the help. I'm wondering if I could get some opinions on a Trae/Ingram for PG/Westbrook trade in a 14Man 9 CAT roto league. And if he added DeRozan on top. Thank you!
  7. Hi all, This may come off as a brag, but I really would like opinions. In my opinion. I drafted pretty well for my 2nd year playing and I am currently stuck at just watching my team play. I made some key pick ups here and there but I want to continue to make improvements. Where can I focus on ensuring wins for the rest of the season? Obviously fantasy basketball is a marathon and not a sprint. Team in signature. Thank you in advance. -Krap
  8. I need someone to decipher this and let me know who to play in a TLDR!
  9. I learned to do anything possible to draft Gurley. Buy the damn first pick off a guy if you have to. Edit: Or convince the league to play auction and bid everything cept $1 on all other positions lol
  10. Not making this easier. Have to chase upside, but maybe you are giving me the sign I needed to start Gordon. Let's see how this goes. Wish me luck.
  11. I'm back and forth with him and Josh Gordon. Think I may lean Godwin's way. Hoping he wants to prove himself after a lackluster performance last week.
  12. Bro...Williams received 3 carries haha Let's let Aaron rest some so he doesn't get wrecked before the Championships!
  13. You must be very pleased with yourself. Glad I picked him up this week. Think if Seattle keeps losing, they move to develop Penny.