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  1. Too bad you are gardening, you are missing some excellent bball. 0 positive cases out of 342 tests as of August 12th. Hopefully things hold together as we continue on to the playoffs.
  2. Looks like basketball will be back at the end of July. Not sure about fantasy but at least it'll be nice to have games again.
  3. Then those players don't play until the following season. Again, I wasn't saying anything goes back to normal, I was saying everyone gets locked down in one location. So I'm not sure why international travel would be a big deal. Teams can probably private jet whoever they need back from their home countries if Trump gives the okay, which he probably would. I'm more doubtful it happens now but I still think it's possible. Mid-August is over four months away. You just have to find a way to get complete buy in from the players and all other parties. Anyways, enjoy your gardening and see you in 2021.
  4. I don't think you can use a national forecast to make any guesses about the NBA season. The NBA could bunker down all the players, refs, and personnel in a single location, test everyone, quarantine for a few weeks, test again, and then play the games without fans to satisfy TV contracts and revenue agreements. Which is what they've discussed. I think we'll see a handful of games and some version of the playoffs at some point later this summer.
  5. Who do you think pays for the profits of US health insurance companies? Moving to universal health care would be a massive net benefit for Americans. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/oct/25/medicare-for-all-taxes-saez-zucman
  6. Source? I'd be shocked if teams play any more than 5-10 games before launching the playoffs.
  7. Yes, you have to take into account playoff schedules when drafting because the whole point of the game is to look ahead to the playoffs. It's not the only factor but it is a factor. And even if you don't draft for playoff schedule you can always make trades during the season with teams who are just scrambling to get there. Not to mention that if you have bad playoff schedules you may have benefited from more games played during the regular season. By the end of this week Chicago will have played 3 more games than the Lakers or Raptors. That's three matchups in which you would have had an edge, and now you have to pay for it. No offense but I just see a bunch of excuses. Other players face the exact same decisions as you. Having three main guys with 2-game weeks in the first week of the playoffs is on you, not on the system.
  8. This might be near the end of the road for the Elf show...
  9. Except for Lavine, that is entirely your fault. Not planning for playoff schedules is a total rookie move.
  10. "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is fantasy basketball." Jean-Luc Picard
  11. As long as he's back for next week when our playoffs start I'll be happy. LMA plays well with DWhite too so I'll be interested to see how their chemistry plays out.
  12. Sucks but that's also poor planning dude
  13. Yeah I figured. It's just that they listed him as doubtful with the UCL sprain, instead of out, so I wonder if it was pretty minor.
  14. Then teams with easy schedules over that four month period could win it all. I have seen mediocre teams near the top of the regular season rankings get stomped by lower seeds with regularity. Playoffs force the cream to rise to the top.
  15. Anyone seen a timetable for this dude? All the digging I've done has given me nothing conclusive.